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Slovakia vs. economic/illegal migrants – questions? watch

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    Hey, I'm from and live in Slovakia. I've noticed some misconceptions here on TSR as well as in the British media about the situation here with regards to the migrants and our general attitude towards Islam.

    Therefore, if you have any questions regarding this issue and perhaps want to check the information provided by the British media or various machine-translated articles with a person who lives there, feel free to ask me.

    I know we're an insignificant little country and I'm not trying to pretend otherwise (though we're pretty strong economically given the size and population, unlike the SJW try to claim; we're definitely not a third-world country), however I believe that the policies and criticism of Germany and their lackeys are generally correct and perhaps could even save the rest of Europe much trouble because despite the little overall importance, other countries are obviously starting to pay attention. With the support from other members of the Visegrad Group, even Germany can't marginalise these opinions.

    We've just had a general election and the man who made those widely-cited claims about not letting a single Muslim in, Mr. Robert Fico, is practically no longer the Prime Minister (even though his party won the election with about 28% share, if the other parties can be trusted, he has no one to support his government; we don't use FPTP so wide coalition governments are quite common).

    For the first time in our modern history (post-1992), a far-right party have made it into the parliament with about 8% support. They are generally being labeled as neo-Nazis, but it's more fair to say it's only some of their members who share those beliefs.

    People here are generally frustrated with politics so the situation is rather unsettling. There are no hopes in having a strong coalition government (even the right-wing parties who have the highest chance of success have many differences and ongoing disputes) so we're literally choosing the least bad option, but I can definitely confirm that we don't want to have Islamic or any other culturally incompatible communities, however this doesn't exclude integration.

    Anyway, that's about it. If you have questions, quote me. The reason I'm doing this is because I want to improve our reputation abroad and battle misconceptions. You're free to hate our conservative ways based upon facts! :awesome:

    East-Europe has to diversified aka made less White?

    Damn right we're angry and we're willing to do whatever it takes to fight for the rights of White people who have been betrayed for too long by the establishment.

    You only see immigration imposed on White populations how isn't that ****ing racism you PC *****?
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