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Visual art in the scene of mobile games
Scene design ofmobile games includes the design of all the visual elements except the charactersof the game. Scene design is a key part of game creation. High creativity and artistryare the two important requirements in scene design. Scene designers of mobilegames use visual design elements to build the pictures (which is like LegoBricks). The principles of design refer to the techniques which are used toarrange the design elements to make effective compositions. The main principlesof design involve balance, direction, emphasis, proportion, rhythm, simplicityand unity. As a form of hypothetical art, mobile games draw on fantasy, imaginationand symbolisation to express the concepts by exaggerating and deforming. Theexternalised scenery is no longer the duplication of its natural counterpart interms of colour and appearance, and instead it is a specific language with artisticappeal, which is used in the communication between the designers and playersand can arouse echoes among the players. The artistic pursuit of the wholedesign process is shaped by the following factors. Firstly, the scene should beartistically reasonable and fit the plot and the narrative style. Scene art isbased on suitable design, so it should be narrative and metaphorical.Moreover, it should be able to reflect time and space characteristics, tocreate the emotional atmosphere and to highlight the traits of the charactersand conflicts. Therefore, reading the drama carefully to gain a deepunderstanding of its historical background, the characteristics of the era andthe geographical andethnic features are the premise of scene design. The image shouldmeet the requirements for the artistic conception. However, appropriateexaggeration to strengthen the visual effect, which can attract the playerswith vivid pictures as well. A careful reading of the drama, a deepunderstanding of its historical background and an analysis of the traits of thecharacters can help to create the harmony between the style of the scene andtraits of the characters. Secondly, proper tableaus in unique ways can form thedistinctive artistic style of the scenes in the game. The form of the tableaus,especially the tableaus of the scene, embodies the general style and artisticpursuit of the game. It is essential to design the keynote of the theme based onthe analysis of the drama, its historical background and geographical features.Finally, different forms of tableau can lead to different artistic styles inthe scene. Well-designed scenes of mobile games can add to aesthetic feeling ofthe game, highlight the theme and heighten the atmosphere. Proper scene designcan increase the additional value of the game, and can also affect the styleand the artistic level of the game as well.

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