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    Hey guys, I'll be updating this log almost daily for as long as I feel motivated to do so. It's more of a way of logging my progress than a blog but we'll see how it goes.

    Firstly, a bit about me. I'm 19 and am a student studying Chemical Engineering (1st year). I've been going to the gym on and off for the past 2-3 years but only seriously started getting into it this year. So that's 3 months of dedicated lifting and semi-dedicated nutrition so far.

    I would say I'm focused on hypertrophy but am interested in strength as well; I'm trying to get my squat and deadlift stronger.

    Between the ages of 16 and 18 my weight hovered around 65kg and since I didn't bother with nutrition and eating loads I didn't get many gains.. at all. From September 2015 to December 2015 I lost around 4 kg due to not eating enough at Uni, I'm catered so rarely cooked my own meals. I started eating a lot more over Christmas and tried to keep it up when I went back to Uni. Last time I weighed myself was mid-February (I don't have a scales at Uni) and I was 72kg so I guess things are looking up.

    I recently started tracking calories and macros on MyFitnessPal but I'm not strict at all; as long as hit my protein target and calorie target with reasonably healthy foods I don't mind if I overeat (I have a fast metabolism). My current daily targets are 200g protein and around 3300 calories. Planning to bulk until this time next year, want all those beginner gainssss

    Along with whey protein I take creatine and BCAAs. I take a single caffeine table (200mg caffeine) as a pre workout.

    My current workout split is 6 days a week,
    Day 1: Chest/Triceps
    Day 2: Back/Biceps (w/ deadlifts)
    Day 3: Legs/Shoulders
    Day 4: Chest/Triceps
    Day 5: Back/Biceps (w/ deadlifts)
    Day 6: Legs/Shoulders
    Day 7: Rest

    I don't barbell bench press due to lack of a regular gym partner (I know I could just ask for a spotter but I prefer a partner to critique my form etc.) I prefer to just use dumbbells instead anyway.

    My 1RMs (targets for end of 2016 are in brackets)
    Squat: 120kg on 08/01/16 (140kg - should be easily doable)
    Deadlift: 150kg beltless on 06/02/16 (180kg - preferably beltless)

    Some other personal achievements (and 2016 goals):
    DB Chest Press: 30kg*8*4 on 14/02/16 (40kg for reps)
    Pull-ups: 10*4 on 20/02/16 (sets of 20 would be nice)

    Will log each workout below, won't include warm up sets.

    Thanks for reading my [b]log.
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    09/03/16 - Legs and Shoulders

    Decent workout, gym wasn't busy so didn't have to wait around to use equipment at all. However, I did get a bit tired after legs so shoulders wasn't as good as I had hoped.

    97.5kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Seated Hamstring Curls
    Both legs: 48.6kg 12,12
    41.8kg 12,12

    One leg at a time: 22.8kg 10,10 each leg

    Leg Extensions
    Both legs: 49.5kg 12,12,12

    One leg at a time: 22.8kg 12,10 each leg

    Seated DB Shoulder Press
    20kg 12,12,12

    Standing Lateral Raises
    8kg 15,12,12

    Rear Delt Machine
    31.5kg 10,10,10

    Standing calf raises (very slow negative)
    52.8 kg 20,18,15,12,12
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    10/03/16 - Chest and Triceps

    Incline DB Chest Press
    25kg 12,12,12,12

    Seated Chest Press Machine
    122.5lb 10
    135lb 10,10,9
    122.5lb 8
    97.5lb 15

    Incline Flyes
    12.5kg 10,10,8

    Seated Machine Flyes
    40.5kg 12,12,11

    Tricep Dips
    BW 20,20,20

    Seated Single DB Tricep Extensions (slow and controlled)
    15kg 10,11,9

    Finished with a few rope pushdowns.
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    11/03/16 - Back and Biceps

    BW 10,10,10

    Lat Pull-downs
    100lbs 10,10,9
    87.5lbs 12

    Seated Machine Rows
    100lbs 10,10,12
    75lbs 20

    One Arm DB Rows
    27.5kg 10,10,8 each arm

    DB Shrugs
    20kg 20,24,21

    Standing EZ Bar Curls
    20kg 10,10

    Seated EZ Bar Preacher Curls
    17.5kg 10,8

    Standing DB Hammer Curls
    10kg 8,10 each arm
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