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    A few months ago someone i thought was a friend decided to start ignoring me. When i speak to him he simply says nothing and stares of into the distance as if my every syllable is white noise. He organizes nice little get togethers with my other friends and all this behind-my-back stuff and has blocked me on all social media. I was understandbly irked by these actions which seemingly have no justification.

    He just doesn't like me.

    Now, his generally childish mindset isn't what really makes me steamed.. My other friends still think he is a great guy, despite full knowledge of everything, and 'aren't taking sides', despite me never intending to be a side. They are happy to sit on the sidelines and almost seem to support my immature little chum despite seeing how upset it is making me. He has told me 'he doesn't want anything to do with me' but I can't simpy leave the friends I've known for years. Everytime something annoying happens I reach a level of anger and dare I say HATRED for this person that simply stays bottled up because I CAN't DO ANYTHING and nobody else helps. I don't want these bottled up negative feelings but it's a choice between them.. Or no friends.

    I'm so sorry for sharing my tale of woe but if you did have any advice that would be..better than none

    So, what did you do?

    I am in a similar scenario to you, however I'm the one ignoring him. Sometimes people need to back off from some of their friends. However, if this is upsetting you, you really need to talk to him or your friends about this and figure out why. If your friends are also playing the same game, you seriously to ask before they 100% remove you from their social circle.

    Maybe you did something to cause him to ignore you?
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