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Do I tell my flatmate I like her? watch

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    I m in my first year at uni and over time, I ve started to develop feelings for my flatmate (who also happens to be on my course). The problem is we re quite good friends and I don t want to risk ruining that friendship and making it awkward between us if I say something. I also get very mixed messages from her, like she ll laugh at lots I say and she ll hold my hand and touch my hair n stuff, but then she'll pull in a club (though I'm guilty of the same but a while ago). It's really stressing me out so any advice would be really appreciated
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    Just tell her, you'll regret it in the future if you don't

    Laughing at your jokes and touching you doesn't mean she's into you, sounds like a normal friendship with a vivacious girl. This would probably be a leap into the unknown

    It's a case of weighing it up. Are you willing to risk losing her as a friend, and the resulting awkwardness if she says no? It's your call

    I personally wouldn't risk it. Relationships between flatmates is generally a bad idea. The awkwardness if you break up is awful.

    Tell her in an easy going sort of way. Eventually over time, depending on how long you've known her.

    Don't listen to people saying not to tell her :/ how do people get together? They eventually realise one likes the other or both like each other. In all sorts of situations.

    Go for it and be aware.
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    I'd make sure first because it will be awkward if you are rebuffed. is it just you and her or are there others in the flat?
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    Please just tell her. The more you wait the deeper into the friend zone you go.

    Since you are still in first year, things are still fresh and you can afford to make the leap. It is better to respect her and tell her than she finding out later and avoiding you. Imagine it was the other way round, I think you will want her to inform you.

    Just do it. Good luck.

    Jump in the shower and leave your door open, when you get out don't put clothes on, if she doesn't suck your **** she's not into you.

    (Original post by whorace)
    Jump in the shower and leave your door open, when you get out don't put clothes on, if she doesn't suck your **** she's not into you.
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