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I've already taken year 1 & 2 in one BA degree course, but have also taken year 1 in a different subject BA degree course. Yes, I am a very confused girl who feels like I've possibly wasted my chances of actually doing what I wanted to do in the first place. I am angry with myself, and keep beating myself up mentally. What I would like to do is finish the degree where I've only completed the first year. I have 1 year left of finances, and could get a loan out for the remaining year if I had to.

My question is, would I be welcome back to the university after this moving about? Basically I've completed 1 year at a large fully fledged university, then two years at a HE college, which has been a terrible experience so far. I stuck it out due to family problems, and this kept me at home, the HE college was only a short drive away.

I would advise any student to stick with a university rather than apply to a HE college, what a waste of time!
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So you want to go back to your original university and start from where you left of? You need to ask the university if they'd let you; nobody here can tell you what they will say. But if they do agree, it might be worth asking if you could transfer the second year credits that you did at the HE college into the BA degree at the university, then you would only have 1 year left to do. Another option would be to transfer all of your uni credits to the Open University and finish your degree with them.

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