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What do atheists believe about the soul/conscious? watch


    ⊳Science can explain this using the concept of something called quantum of action.

    In nature, actions or changes smaller than ħ = 1.1x10
    ^−34Js are not observed.

    ħ = Planck's constant or...

    ħ = E ÷ f

    Where E = photon energy

    f = wave frequency

    Actions or changes in spirit worlds are far smaller than Planck constant. That's why humans naturally don't see spirits.

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    (Original post by champ_mc99)
    OK, why was I not born in your body and you in mine?
    You were not 'born into a body'.

    At birth, all people are pretty-much the same. They are a blank canvas. It is their life experiences which largely shape who they are.

    You are not special because you are looking through your eyes now, and I know what you mean by that. But everyone else can do that too.

    Geez, this was stuff I struggled with when I was like seven.

    I believe that when we die, well, you don't just go from living to dead instantly.

    There's a period of time - short time - could be very very short depending on the type of death :P in which the brain goes from living to dead.

    In that time between the two states, the level of consciousness decreases counter-exponentially. Ie for you religion folks, that scientific stuff looks a bit like this:

    From that, I believe that perception of time also follows the same pattern, as does emotion, and any other "feeling".

    Therefore, any rational person, would spend their last moment thinking of whether or not they did well in their life, and either regret what they did wrong unto others, or take pride in their good achievements. This feeling of either regret and sadness, or pride and happiness, will last forever for the person experiencing it, since the "graph" will never reach zero, it's exponential. And so, we have our Heaven and our Hell - eternal happiness, or eternal sadness.
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