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Where to get passport photos?!

Hi there,

Really really strange question I know, but whereabouts in Bristol can you find those machines that do passport photos? I've got a job at Buckingham Palace for the summer, and I need to send them 4 passport pics by Friday (eek!).

My digital camera is poo and I don't want to buy expensive photo paper, so if somebody knows where you can find a photo booth, preferably in the Clifton/Whiteladies-ish area that'd be fab

Train stations or supermarkets usually have one of those machines...
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Woolworths maybe? Or in Clifton Down shopping centre?
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Some boots stores have them
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Post offices sometimes too.
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Clifton Down shopping centre does have one. Just next to the blue car park payment thing near the exit to sainburys...

(I get asked at least once a shift if I can get someones money back from it... No! I don't have access just like it says on the front of the ****ing thing!)
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The Union has/had a machine.
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The Union has/had a machine.

...but unfortunately it was out of order today :frown:

Used the one in Clifton Downs shopping centre today though, but it did make me look really pale and platinum blonde :s-smilie:
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i was gonna suggest the unon too. my friend and i thought it would be funny to get drunken photos once (oh dear, i think we'd been at spank! before we knew what it was really like), and cos the security guards had been funny we pretended we were doing rude photos behind the curtain... lol... oh dear...

yeah, try boots - good luck!
the post office on cotham hill does them, ask behind the pharmacy counter, they're cheaper than the machines and they come ready cut out and that, so its a good deal
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Student Union has one!
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yeah post office. most post offices are about £4 for the photos