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    On Friday next week I have my write up for Q2 which is 'Explain why the police experienced problems in policing public order in the years 1886-1914'. It's 10 marks but I have no idea what to write or how to structure it! Please can someone help me with ideas of what to write and is there any model answers revolving this question?

    Hey, I have the same thing only mine is in two days😁. Essentially what you want to do is firstly NOT PANIC. I've been there and it's useless because you do actually know what to do, you just need reminding. Then you want to think of a few basic reasons why police found it hard to do their job. You're gonna need to write 4 to 5 PEEP paragraphs (Point, Evidence, Explain, link back to Point). For example: Suffragettes. The Suffragettes were a HUGE part of this because they were protesting in a manor no woman had ever been seen to do before. And in 1910 the 'Conciliation Bill' was very nearly accepted- a Bill which would allow for women to have equal voting rights. However, Herbert Asquith (prime minister at the time and complete douche bag if you ask me) decided to completely scrap the idea. He did this because he was hugely unsupportive of the Suffragette movement and in doing this he simply reignited the flames of the womens' campaigns. So they came back harder and stronger...as anyone would if they'd just been promised something before it was torn up in front of their faces. They protested on Friday the 18th November 1910. Bad day. It became known as "Black Friday" cause it was so awful. The police were told to put a stop to the protests so they brought 1000s of members and physically attacked the women. 300 were arrested, many injured and 2 women died in the riot. The media reported on it in a way that made the poilice force look awful. The daily mirror newspaper published an iconic image of a woman on the ground being kicked by two policemen- this caused many other women to help the Suffragettes once they'd seen the injustice of the situation.
    Other reasons you could talk about are:
    ☆social, economic and political anger-unemployment made people angry and more prone to riot.
    ☆media pressure- the police had a fear of how things they did would get reported so they sometimes changed their actions.
    ☆confusion over the role of the police- the police force was a new concept at that time so people didn't know to trust them or not. Were they there to protect property or to uphold free speech?
    ☆ key individuals- mistskes made by Charles Warren in the Jack the Ripper case. Clever decisions by Pankhurst in the Suffragettes.

    That's about all i can help with but remember you're allowed one side of A4 paper in the room with you as notes. Use it for dates and stuff cause you can't have full sentences.
    Good luck, you'll be fine. Anna x
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    Thank you for the help!

    Do you know anything about the siege on Sidney street? We have to include that in our answer but I don't know how it links in or what point it could be used for x

    I don't actually know anything about the seige on Sydney Street because i think my course covers slightly different topics to yours, but having just searched it up on wiki i gather it was a gunfight between the police (who had teamed up with the army) and some Latvian revolutionaries. The important part is that the police had teamed up with the army, because at this time people still weren't sure about trusting the police because they didn't know if they were all that different from the military - another force to keep the public tamed and not act out of turn. At this point you could also mention that the police had previously decided on the colour of their uniforms to be blue to avoid the public confusing them with the military who had red uniforms- they did at least try to make a clear difference...kinda. Until they joined forces with the army to keep order of the public. This would've just confirmed many people's suspicions about the police force as only being there to protect property not to uphold free speech. Just lean heavily on the fact that they did themsleves no help by teaming up with military to push down the public- maybe talk about how the media at the time wouldve also shown this incident.
    Anyway, sorry i couldn't help anymore Anna x


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