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    I'm 22 final year of uni and a virgin, I've always been out clubbing and stuff but have never met someone who wanted to get intimate with me. I think I'm an attractive and humorous guy and I've been hit on a quite a few times but I always end up taking too long to make the move and lose my chance.

    So I've been wanting to lose my v card ever since I hit puberty tbh and last night was the closest I got. This 29 yr old woman approached me in the club and started conversation, and we hit off instantly. For at least half an hour we chatted and then we danced and we chatted even more. Then towards the end I started asking more personal questions and it turns out she just had a divorce because her man off 10 years was cheating on her for a while. She then went in for the kiss but instead I have her a hug and we danced some more. She then took me outside and said she's taking me back to her place, but I resisted and then she said she wants me to **** her.

    She was insanely attractive, and she seemed like such a nice woman but I just couldn't. I felt as though I would be hurting her if I did and just not helping her/ taking advantage of her. But now come to think of it she seemed very sober and very decisive. It was what she wanted? If I did comply would that have been me taking advantage of a vulnerable woman? I know it's completely legal but is it moral. I wish I had gotten her number at least, but after I rejected her she seemed to get upset and became distant. Did I ruin her night
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    Have met people who wanted to get intimate* just never made the move

    Personally, I think you did the right thing of not taking advantage of her at the time of the situation. She might have went to the club to take her mind off things from her cheating ex-husband.
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