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Google has created an program that could make history! watch

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    As I write this, google's program 'AlphaGo' is playing the current worlds Go master (Lee Sedol). Go is a game a board game a bit like chess (you can look it up), however Chess is a game which computers could beat since 1996 (IBM created the first chess program that could beat a professional). However Go is a 19x19 board game so the number of permutations is bigger than the number of atoms in the universe, basically the brute algorithms/methods that we use to approach chess and other board games dont work for Go. Hence if there ever was to be a computer program to play Go, it would need 'intuition' aka artificial intelligence, which Google has created. Google's program has beat European's Go champion Fan Hui last year 5-0 and they are currently playing Lee Sedol who is worlds best chamption for about 10 years. They are playing 5 matches and first to 3 wins. Alpha go has beaten the human champion 2-0 and this is their 3rd game, if the computer program wins, then it wins overall and could make history. The program google has created wasnt expected to be created for about another 10 years. The impact this has on the rest of the world is huge, the program 'thinks' for itself, it mimics the human brain using something called Neural networks (which is like neurons in the brains). So the way it workes on a dumbed down level is google showed the program about 1 billion Go games from an online database and it taught itself how Go is played. This method can be applied to real world scenarios, using the exact same program, instead of showing it Go game and getting it to learn to play Go, maybe we can show it people walking, and it could learn to walk (if its in a robot), or maybe give it blood samples, and it could predict what sort of diseases someone is going to have in the future and perhaps prevent it, or we could create skynet...
    I actually wrote this post last night but forgot to post, the match has ended and alpha go won!

    In b4 Skynet

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