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    I'm a secondary school English teacher and an NQT, and I need some career/life advice. Essentially, I've convinced myself that 11-18 teaching is not for me and what I really want to do is either further or higher education. Dealing with low-level disruption on a daily basis wears me down and seems to be the real barrier to me actually enjoying my job. I want as many of the challenges I face on a daily basis to be academic rather than social ones. My school's pupils are far above average in terms of behaviour, and yet I still can't abide this aspect of the job: I knew I'd never be able to enjoy it but I hoped I'd at least be able to tolerate it.

    I absolutely love teaching Sixth Form, and I am confident that I would be far happier if I could trade the behaviour management side of the job with the more academic concerns of the further education teacher. The prospect of a greater marking load does not faze me if it means I have less crowd control to deal with. So that's one option. Problem is, I can't seem to find a job vacancy I want. Perhaps I'm being picky, as I want to teach Sixth-Form English lit/lang-lit/film but do not fancy GCSE re-takes or functional skills. I am willing however to move to almost anywhere in the country, so surely that stands me in some sort of stead?

    The other option is higher education. I would love to be a literature/film academic. I have a masters degree with distinction in my subject and I'm fairly confident I could get onto a PhD programme, hopefully with funding. I'd probably have a great 3 years as well - my current position is one where I feel my social circles are all pretty much scattered and being attached to a university would allow me to build some friendships while living in an unfamiliar area. Thing is: then what? It may just be a complete pipe-dream. Academic jobs are hard to get, and whereas I'm fairly confident in my ability, I'm by no means some kind of academic prodigy and even those who are academic prodigies require a great deal of luck to get a post. Would getting a further education job after a PhD in the interim while looking for a higher ed. job be a feasible option?

    Sorry for not presenting a clear quantifiable question here for you to answer, but any advice from anyone who feels they can provide it would be appreciated. Essentially I am in a position where staying in my current job for another year seems scary, but also I'm scared of leaving it and falling into lethargy and directionless depression if I cannot secure myself some sort of plan for what the hell to do with my life.
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    I don't have any useful information, but it occurred to me that if you were willing to move anywhere in the country, perhaps you were willing to move abroad? I know there are currently a few English teaching jobs open at various UWCs.



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