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(Original post by Daito)
I was kind of on the border as to whether or not I should do A-level German but really after reading that I think that I will. Like the only thing that really sounds overly daunting is the 15 minute, next to no prep talk with the examiner but then that just takes practice I guess. Speaking of, how did you find the verbal assessment?
Thanks for your help btw
Yay another linguist!!

You will get a lot of practise for the oral. The conversation is normally based around the questions on the card, and after you see lots of cards, you start to realise that they're all really similar. The oral is definitely daunting, but in my experience, the examiners are normally really nice, they're not looking to pu you down, they want you to get a good grade. I actually got full marks at the oral at AS, which was totally unexpected, but goes to show that you really don't have to be fluent to get a good grade!

(Original post by caitlinford3)
I agree with everything you say - I didn't say it was a bad thing, I simply said it would be a lot harder and more like AS French as opposed to the old GCSE. This is because there's so many people who fail French even with this system - it's one of the more commonly failed GCSE's and I'm the only person in my whole school taking French on to A-Level
Ah, cool. Sorry I misunderstood your angle Good luck with A Level, you'll love it I'm sure One to one'll be great for your speaking practise.

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