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Does anyone have resources/websites for the all the practicals for AS level Biology. I'm worried as I don't know much about the practicals and will panic if they come up in the exam. Below is the list of all the practicals.

Practical 1 - Investigate the effect of caffeine on the heart rate in daphnia.

Practical 2 - Investigate the vitamin C content of food and drink.

Practical 3 - Investigate membrane structure, including the effect of alcohol concentration or temperature on membrane permeability.

Practical 4 - Investigate the effect of enzyme and substrate concentrations on the initial rates of reactions.

Practical 5 - Prepare and stain a root tip squash to observe the stages of mitosis.

Practical 6 - Identify sclerenchyma fibres, phloem sieve tubes and xylem vessels and their location within stems through a light microscope.

Practical 7 - Investigate plant mineral deficiencies.

Practical 8 - Determine the tensile strength of plant fibres.

Practical 9 - Investigate the antimicrobial properties of plants, including aseptic techniques for the safe handling of bacteria.

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