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    Two years ago I started dating this boy. We were together for 3 months, but then we broke up. We still continued to speak and flirt though, all though we no longer met up.
    Just under a year later, my best friend started dating him. I was shocked and a little hurt, and understandably angry but only for a few days then it died off and everything returned to normal. And to top it all off, she had lied to our whoole friendship group as when she finally admitted it to us they had already been dating for two weeks in secret. Him and I continued texting like usual, seeing as at that point we had been speaking for two years and were very good friends. They too dated for three and a half months, before breaking up.
    We still continued texting after they broke up, a bit more flirtily than before though. Around 2 months later we agreed to meet up. Nothing happened, we just had a really good time and we remembered how well we got on, and so inevitably, the feelings returned.
    The next day, my OTHER friend came round and admitted that him and her had been together secretly for a month. I didn't even know they spoke. Again, I was hurt but I got over that instantly because I really loved this friend. She told me she didn't even like him, he was just her friend with benefit, and broke up with him instantly, telling me I could do what I wanted.
    I spoke to both of these friends, asking them if it was okay for us to keep meeting up. They said yes and gave me the go ahead saying they were well and truly over him.
    I then went on holiday. When I got back, one of the friends hated me. She was so horrible, and spoke about how I had 'stolen her boyfriend' and how she was going to make my life a misery. My other friend remained my friend, but after him and I had been together for a while gave me an ulternatum; him or her. By this stage I had been with him for around 3 months and I really, really liked him. I chose her, but around 4 months later she just completely stopped speaking to me for the mere fact him and I still texted (even though we didn't really meet up anymore).
    So my question is, was I really in the wrong for what I did or were my friends just being unreasonable? This was almost a year ago and I still puzzle over it to this day.

    Your friends + and your boyfriend are in the wrong.

    1) Your friends gave you the go ahead to meet with this boy, and now they have problems.
    2) They went out with their best friends ex! That is a no-no.
    3) How is your ex getting so many of your friends? Is he a **** boy? May explain why he isn't mentioning to your friends that you guys are meeting up.
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