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BBC's 'Thirteen'- Thoughts? watch


    Just finished with this, decent watch.

    - The dynamic between the cop duo (Lisa and Elliott) was interesting.
    - I found Tim annoying
    - Ivy's role was well acted
    - Kathryn Morley who plays Emma Moxam is very fit, very fit indeed.

    (Original post by uberteknik)
    Great series up until the last 15 minutes.

    Almost like the producers ran out of budget and had to wind things up pdq.

    Implausible in places, but on the whole gripping and well acted.

    Have you watched any of the Jimmy McGovern 'Accused' (2012) drama's? Gritty, harrowing and outstandingly well acted. I particularly liked 'Mo's story' with leads by Anne Marie Duff and Olivia Colman who is a revelation.

    I did watch this, can barely remember it though lol

    The best BBC drama is The Fall.
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    (Original post by Salamandastron)
    ^^^ this :lol:
    tim was annoying as well and Lisa was a bit of a b**** to begin with :/
    I liked Lisa xD Tim was annoying and I felt like Yazz was just a presence with no real chemistry. I would've liked to see a bit more of Tim, Eloise and Ivy together

    Tim was pretty irrelevant after the first couple of episodes - and I feel like Yaz should have done something more dramatic.
    I think Lisa's "transformation" was too fast - she's really b****y and then suddenly becomes all nice when Elliot decides to start "hating on" Ivy.
    I want them to make a/multiple mini spin-offs (no idea if that's the right word) e.g. what actually happened the day Ivy was taken etc.

    (Original post by hxfsxh)
    I want to know what happens to Phobe- does she recover, Ivy- how does she end up, Lisa- what happens to hers and Elliot's friendship?

    There should be a second season, but I doubt it will happen.
    I think Lisa and Elliot do end up together because he chose to be with her rather than having the chance to go save Ivy and sadly there won't be any more episodes i read it online the woman who wrote this said there's only season 1

    That ending though...... wow

    Loved this! Ivy's acting was fantastic and I thought the little subplots complemented her backstory really well. Have already started rewatching but so many questions remain unanswered from why Ivy was called 'Alison' to the exact dynamic of her relationship with Mark. The writers hit on lots of unexplored points like Ivy's apparent miscarriage and it's almost begging for more episodes (although I'm told the intention was for this to be a self-contained series). In any case Thirteen's reminded me just how good BBC can do!

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