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    I hate english lang but we are CIE. Us yours in the format of 3 questions. Although im not the best, weve been told the phrase "just as... So too" which is confusing and weird at first but you can use it to say why a simile has been chosen. E.g "just as a mountain is rocky and rugged , so too the toothpaste encrusted on the side of the sink is uneven and jagged " (WEIRD exampke but thats yr10 end of year for you!

    With the poetry, make sure you know the poem. Ask why? E.g why has the poet used enjambement? Is it to mirror the movement that the speaker is describing? To convey the vastness of the land ( drummer hodge - thomas hardy). Look for resources on the internet that analyse the poems, use this too aid your notes. Does it convey a tone? Think about key themes of the poem.

    Most of all, practice.

    Dont get down about it, you can do it if you try hard enough.😊😊

    (Original post by amazonlily)
    What should I do? I'm taking AQA English Language and in the mocks I only just scraped a D. In the retake of the mock I got a U. I really don't want to be retaking English in sixth form but I just can't analyse things in the way the exam wants. I'm going to fail the literature poetry exam as well because of this so I won't even have the literature grade despite being pretty good at the other literature paper.
    I'm doing well in all my other subjects and then there's English which is just pure embarrassing, I feel so stupid as I'm predicted an A but I can't even get a grade. To make things worse I need to get a B in English Language to take one of my A Level courses and it'll be a miracle if I even get a D again. I'm in tears over this, I don't understand why analysing language is so hard for me, it doesn't matter how many times my teacher goes over how to answer the questions. Section B is ok for me but I get so few marks in Section A that it doesn't matter, is there any point in me even turning up to the exam in June to be honest I'm going to fail either way!!

    Heeeeey!! I'm exactly in the same situation. I struggle with English but my A-Levels require at least B grade in it. What about asking your teacher to do a compulsory after-school sessions for students who need more help? Also, you might want to try to change teachers as different teachers teach differently which might be better for you to understand the subject. Also, what about getting revision books? They helped me a lot for poetry.

    I also found English, not the easiest did a mock in December and by a miracle got a C on the two papers and an overall B in English Language due to my controlled assessment which were all A's and B's. I was expecting an E/F after messing the damn papers up but the grade boundaries were surprising damn low with WJEC.


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