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Getting really frustrated.What to do???? watch

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    If you don't have anything valuable to say please don't waste your time. Thank you.
    I don't know what to think about this situation I am in.I will try and keep it short as possible.

    I have a guy friend I have known for a while and he goes to a different school. Recently he has started asking me what type of guys I'm into. When I mention an attribute he will say he has that attribute then just laugh it off.He asks me about my relationship history most recently sex life I.e how I perform etc. He has started calling me pet names, putting kisses at the end of the messages. I won't lie at first I didn't think anything of it but now the whole thing is irritating me because we only talk about the same things I have mentioned above. I haven't really said anything that might suggest I'm starting to get irritated or annoyed. I should mention he asked me out a few months ago and I said no.

    It gets interesting. I have a crush on his friend who is also my classmate, we have a few classes together. He (guy friend) asked me if I found his friend good looking to which I answered 'yes'. Then that same day he told me he had been talking to his friend earlier and had 'said nothing about me' to his friend. I don't speak to his friend (crush) so I don't know what he's saying if anything at all behind my back. He does chat sheeeet about his other guy friend who also goes to my school (not crush) to me so I can't really trust him.Gut feeling is telling me that his friend (the guy I have a crush on) might be interested in me because he's always staring at me, tries to get close to me, tries to show off infront of me but I feel it's early days & only time will tell. We don't speak so that makes it even harder.

    I was trying to figure out what options I have with regards to the whole situation.
    A) Start talking to his friend (crush) whilst continuing talking to my friend and steer the conversations away from the topics I've mentioned.B) Slowly back off because I don't even know what his intention is when I have already told him I see him as a friend.C) Hint to the guy friend & eventually tell him that I am crushing on his friend & see what he does.

    I don't want to lose him as a friend but I don't see this ending very well. Should I be blunt & tell him his messages are making me uncomfortable?.I dont want to hurt him or make him feel like I've rejected him but I feel like I have no option.He is very egotistical and believes that if you keep chasing a girl she'll give in eventually.

    What would you do?/ think I should do?.
    Thank you
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    If you don't like the questions he's asking you, then don't answer them.
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