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    Hey guys, posted this in the finance and accounting subthread - thought it might get some more exposure here.

    TLDR: Really successful B4 internship, offered a grad job with a 2.1, might get a 2.2 - help!?

    Hi guys, looking for some advice.

    Some background info without being too specific,

    Study a Science (Hons) at a top 10 uni, interned with KPMG this last summer which culminated in a graduate offer of employment, under the conditions of a 2.1. Internship went really well, received glowing reports from project managers, interviewed and had lunch with director and partner of my team, both seemed impressed, got on really well and they ultimately have the final say on my offer.

    Thing is, in my second year I achieved a 45 average (yes, I know, horrendous, but basically didn't try at all, attended 0 lectures yada yada yada which I whole heartedly regret. I am more than capable academically to achieve a 2.1/ 1st (360 UCAS points, 12 GCSEs A*/A). My final year counts for 2/3rds my overall mark, and currently averaging 64 (would be 73 but I achieved poorly in one module in particular) and now need an average of 70 in my final exams to secure a 2.1 (with some rounding), something I can do but know will be an uphill struggle.

    Basically, I will either scrape a 2.1, or narrowly miss out (and this is taking into account the discretionary rounding my uni does of 1.5%, i.e can be awarded a 2.1 with 58.5%)

    I feel these are my options/ outcomes;
    - Get a 2.1 - No problems
    - Get a 2.2 - Still accepted - No problems
    - Get a 2.2 - Get rejected - Big problem
    - Get a 2.2 - Beg for my life - Say I was immature etc in second year - got my act together in third year after receiving the offer, say i averaged 65 but still wasn't enough - and either get accepted/ get rejected.
    - Get a 2.2 - Ask if it would be ok to defer employment for a year, do a masters (confident in that I will achieve a 2.1) and start in 2017

    Would love some advice on which of these is likely/ my best course of action? Would having a really successful internship have any sway over the usual 2.1 cut off? In that I will have some sort of proof i am capable of the job.

    I'll be grateful to hear the words of anyone in a/ has been in a/ knows someone in a similar situation, or anyone with some recruiting/ managerial experience for larger companies

    Thanks for your time http://static1.tsrfiles.co.uk/15.9/i...lies/smile.png

    From a recruiter's perspective:

    Doubt the masters would cut it, unless it states in your contract that a distinction in one over rules the 2.2.

    Begging is unlikely to help either. If you had mitigating circumstances, it might be different, but the fact you basically didn't turn up won't cut it at all. They will investigate it carefully, probably ask your university for a reference to back up why you flunked. Any suggestion that it's just down to you not putting effort in and they are likely to retract the offer. Pleading immaturity won't help either.

    The performance in be internship is unlikely to weigh more heavily than your degree. A few weeks working in the firm vs a academic year of just not turning up - the latter is likely to be looked at far more closely than the internship considering it is over a longer period of time.

    The internship might suggest your capable of doing the job, but the attitude towards your studies suggests you are at very high risk of not applying that ability.

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    I would cram like mad to scrape the 2.1. I did similar to you; hated 2nd year of my degree and didn't attend a lot. Averaged around 50.

    Realised I needed to buck up and crammed like a mad person for my exams. Ended up with a 2.1 which to this day I still don't understand how I managed it. On graduation I had to check the degree certificate to make sure it actually was a 2.1!

    If you think you can do it, then throw yourself into it. Best to work hard with a chance to getting that 2.1 rather than moping it will never happen and definitely not getting the 2.1.

    my average at the end of my second year was terrible, needed an average of something like 73 in my final year to get a 1st, literally didnt sleep for atleast 20 nights in my last year, just sitting up doing coursework and managed to pull it off with a 68.9 which was rounded up to 70

    my advice, cram and get your 2.1, the big 4 REALLY don't need to take on anyone that 'doesnt cut it' academically, i know your a smart guy, so you do cut it, but if you get a 2.2, they will move onto one of the plenty of other people they may have offered a place to, or are applying at the end of their courses and have their 2.1's secured, unless you have mitigating circumstances, which you clearly dont, you'll 'probably' be buggered

    that being said, my friend was accepted onto the merrill lynch programme with a 2.1 when they offered him a place on the condition he got a 1st, but they did offer him a lower position which cost him around £3k to his starting salary

    it isn't sounding good, like J-SP said, if you get a 2.2 and ask for a reference they'll find out you couldn't be bothered and wont want you especially if you admit it by saying you didn't try. you could word it more positively by saying you grew up and found your passion under their internship and you've done a 180 and offer to do another -however long your internship was- of unpaid work experience in a trial before they accept you for the job

    your best best would be to treat every assignment and exam as if its 100% of your course grade, make notes and revise every week from the first lecture of the semester onwards and try your best to average 80% to counterbalance (at least then if one grade slips you've got a safety net grade cushion to prevent it falling below 60%)
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