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    Hi.I am going to college after the summer holiday to take a course in Theatrical and media hair andmakeup. I'm not sure if anyone who takes a course like it will see this but I have a few questions, so maybe if someone who takes a beauty related subject could answer them it would be brilliant!is there a lot of writing involved in course work, I want to get DDD mark because I have heard that if you don't get a higher grade its difficult to get into university, is that correct?I don't know anyone who is going to the college i want to go to, let alone the same course, i think i make friends reasonably quickly and i'm fairly likeable. But im a tad worried about the kind of people that will take my course, I am a very open person and I will talk to anyone no matter what they look like or could be perceived as I try not to judge and I would never discriminate people for the way they look. I just don't want o be surrounded who people who take theatrical makeup as a cop out because they don't really want to be in education. is there a lot of people doing your course who are like this r do most of them want to learn? I take art photography and textiles and my predicted grades are all A-A* for these subjects. I am not sure if I should take a level 3 course or a level 2 course, I know how to do basic makeup and I am constantly trying out different things but I don't think that it will cut it on a level 3 course, but I also think that a level 2 course may be too basic for me. what do you think?sorry for so many questions, and thank you for reading.E xx
    *sidenote* i had a group interview and met some of the people i could be working with and they all seemed very nice, i would still love to hear about your experiences. Also i have posted this else where on the student room but there was no replies so i figured i would try here instead

    Have you tried Uni Connect on TSR? It shows you where and how people have got offers and who is going where :yes:.

    link ^_^

    I am a mature student currently studying level 2 Theatrical makeup, in my course we also do hair. I am preparing to do Level 3. It is a very hard course, we have to do anatomy and physiology as well. We look at so many different aspects of makeup and skin types. We all knew basic makeup before hand but its find different in a course because theatre and film makeup is different to day make-up, because of lighting and distance etc. Its great that you know basic makeup and try different things but people under estimate how difficult this course is. Its a profession just like any other that takes hard work. Its great fun you will love it, its so exciting to research and learn new stuff. Obviously you have to be prepared to take your makeup off as at the start of the year (and sometimes now) some people were/are abit reluctant. Another thing I will say is don't worry about what other people are like, as long as you want to learn then thats great I have started to look at universities already, yes they are going to look at your grades and you need to meet entry requirements but they are looking for your enthusiasm, dedication and work experience aswell.
    Please feel free to ask anymore questions and I will try my best to answer them
    Hope this has been of some help.

    Level 2 and 3 makeup courses are both well worth doing. No matter how much or little you know at the start, it's a great opportunity to work on lots of different faces doing lots of different looks.

    I think even with merits and passes some unis will look at you. It all depends what you want to do and your application as an individual. For example, when I did nvq3 nails there was a lady who was accepted to study law at uni on the basis of having completed that as a level 3 course. So yes, studying level 3 makeup can be used as a step up into university.

    It's an enjoyable course and if it's something you're interested in the workload is nothing to be worried about.
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