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    Hi! I'm going to be starting Sixth Form this September, and I don't know what school supplies I will be needing. I've chose to do Biology Chemistry Maths and media studies. If you could just list things I would need or something like that. Thanks!

    A pen. A pencil too if you do maths.

    Hi Maariyah, I'd suggest taking the following:

    - Pens, pencils and colouring pencils
    - Ruler, rubber and sharpener
    - A protractor and compass (for maths)
    - A calculator
    - A ring binder with file dividers to separate your notes for each subject
    - Lined paper

    I hope that helps
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    Hey! oooooh stationery shopping - yay!

    they sound like really great subjects i don't do them myself personally but I can tell you that you will most likely definitely need:

    * A4 Ring binder Folder

    * Notebooks (buy a job lot of these when they're out b/c there going to be used up quickly) - one notebook will probably last for a whole term but it depends on how much you're gonna write. You could either use a separate A4 notebook/pad for a single subject (but then you'll be carrying 4 x notebooks a day per subject which just isn't necessary and will make you back ache especially with your subject textbooks and folder/ or just take one pad with you and transfer the notes when you get home into your folder.
    - also if your're doing maths I don't know if you would need squared paper?

    * PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! black biros will be fine - or a multi pack of black / blue / green / red as you may find you'll need a different colour pen at some point - e.g. peer marking

    * the normal pencil case equipment - rubbers, pens, pencils, ruler, protractor/compass / scientific / advanced calculator, optional = scissors / glue stick

    * Tippex, not necessary but useful to use if you make any mistakes

    * Plastic wallets - x 10 packs... I haven't got enough I don't know what you're a levels are like regarding notes, but I've already got 2 folders for sociology full but not enough plastic wallets for my notes

    * flashcards - useful for revising, get these when all the school stuff out - also try to get your hands on some large flashcards as well as the small ones

    * post it notes - never used them myself tbh, but i'm sure they have a use (mine being them still in cellophane wrappers stuck in my desk drawer

    * hole reinforces - they're like stickers but you stick them around the hole which reinforces it so the paper doesn't tear in your folder

    * flashcard key chains - not sure where you would get these but you should be able to get some in good stores or online, as they can keep your loose flashcards together

    * flashcard folders - i've got some for my flashcards - they're like mini folder but for flashcards

    * file holder - your desk necessity for keeping your desk free from paper

    * Highlighters - who doesn't love highlighting eh?

    * diary / planner - your sixth form may or may not provide you with one - our school did up until year 11 but didn't for year 12

    Wikinsons usually has some good stationery as do most good stores.

    Good Luck!!!
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