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World war soldiers died for nothing!! watch

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    One of the arguments my nan almost says for explaining why she is eurosceptic, is that europe is run by beurocrats and that we are losing the ability to make our own laws, To be free and make our own laws, is why our war veterans died.

    Thoughts on this, if u disagree please just explain why?

    Edit: Sorry badly worded by me, I will rephrase.

    When I said free, i meant free from the rule of other countries so we could create our own laws. Not free from the eu, i know it didn't exist then. But she's saying the wars kept us free to make our own laws, then the eu starts, and is taking control of our laws with no war, so the veterans shouldn't of even bothered. So please change your posts if they are no longer relevant!

    Considering that the European Union's beginnings were in 1951, I don't think it has anything to do with causing the World Wars... !?!?!

    WWI was started by an assassination and then people joining because of alliances. Also there was no EU at the time so there was no large common group (or whatever you want to call it).
    WWII I don't know about the exact details before it but Germany violated the sanctions put upon it and invaded Poland.

    But to insist on absolutes is ridiculous. If your country has absolute control over its territory, but is ignored internationally and so cannot defend its interests, is it really doing the best for itself? Otherwise, pooling sovereignty over certain issues among a group of countries can help enhance your power and help you punch above your weight.

    For a start, the EU doesn't limit our ability to make our own laws. The UK parliament can unilaterally leave the EU at any time it wishes.

    Secondly, the EU is at least in some way one of the spoils of the victory of common sense in WWII. The 'ever closer union' goal that Cameron seems to think is so important was originally a relic of a time in which the bruise of two world wars was still sore, and inter-European war still seemed a relatively significant risk.

    Thirdly, the war was never about the sovereignty of the UK on any comprehensible view of history.

    Check your facts before spouting rubbish about the EU referendum.

    I do not see an strong connection.
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