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    A while ago I had this "friend" who used to make my life miserable. She wasn't very sensitive and would openly say rude comments about me, often telling others about anxiety problems I had that really upset me. I had eventually got sick of her behaviour and so did my other friends: she had so many issues that nobody could help with and would often not let anyone have an opinion that was different to hers. So my friends planned to subtly ask her to leave the group because she was not a good influence on us.

    However, it all went a bit nasty. Instead of going over it sensitively I was overheard saying a comment about her that got back to her and she was really upset. Whereas this was just as bad as some of the stuff she'd said behind my back to other people, I still understood how awful and cruel I sounded and apologised very soon after. She left the group and I was honestly so much happier - but then she wasn't the problem. Her new friends are absolutely awful and I assume that everything I've said/post on Facebook are an attack on her and start defending her, even if she's not mentioned at all - often calling me names as well as attacking my other friends who defend me.

    I understand that they feel they need to defend her, especially when they don't know my side of the story and how upset she used to make me. But these people are not willing to listen or believe anything I say. But because they are defending her it's made me think that maybe I'm the one who is in the wrong. I may have said one nasty comment in the past, which I regret, but they are accusing me of bullying her and having nothing better to do than upset her, which is not true at all.

    I don't care that they don't like me. I'll be going to college after my GCSEs so it won't be long before I never see them again, but I don't want to dread going into school in case they hassle me in person or start spreading rumours. I don't want to be known as a bully for one mistake. Does anyone know how I can render this situation??? x

    I would advise explaining the situation to a tutor or a teacher that you get on well with so that the school is aware and don't immediately assume that you're in the wrong if others take the situation to them. As far as the student body is concerned I understand that they may not believe you but maybe try explaining to these people in person that you're sorry for what happened and you wish none of them any ill? If they don't believe you then you've still made an effort and if they spread rumours then you can explain to everyone that you tried to rectify the situation. I suggest enlisting your friends help to back you up if you aren't around if anything comes up so that you aren't standing alone. If they carry on refusing to treat you well then they are the ones in the wrong and it is then your right to take action against them through the school to get them to stop. Hope this helps
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