LATE PAYMENT-My bad experience with Unite Students

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First of all I want to share my two year experience with Unite Students. I live in Mealmarket Exchange, Aberdeen. I have been living in this student accommodation for two years now. My experience with the reception staff has been nothing but a mess. The staff members can be really rude and not helpful. For example,I had a late payment a month back. The staff member immediately told me that they will evict me if I dont pay the full amount. She was so rude on the phone despite me telling her if it is possbile for me to change the payment plan due to financial issues from abroad. It is like this company does not understand the financial burden on students. I told her that I will pay the amount if I can change it to different installment.

I have a late payment amount of 1973.50 pounds . The thing is the accommodation cannot evict me if I have already paid the necessary amount to stay up to the end of this month. The 1973.50 pounds is the amount needed starting from April. They sent me a "FINAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT" and telling me that they will evict me. So what I have done was a smart move, I called the SALES TEAM and they were the only good part of this company. They were helpful in the sense that they told me to make another installment payment plan and send the reception a tangible proof that I will pay the amount in three different installments. I gave the reception the payment proof, but the receptionist said it is upto to their home office to decide whether they can accept the payment proof and payment plan. I am really anxious today and worried that they would still evict me despite me giving them good proof that I will pay them in due time.

Can I speak to Frankie or any member of Unite Staff from this forum? A help from a unite staff would be really appreciated to settle this issue.
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to be honest, you agreed to pay a certain amount on your contract and now you suddenly can't, it's not their responsibility to fix it, it's your responsibility to pay it

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