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    Can anybody briefly descibe calculation of phase difference in a stationary wave (in two different waves which are superposed and are same frequency and amplitude)
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this.

    Why not try posting in a specific subject forum- you might have more luck there.

    Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses.


    phase difference is basically the difference in wavelength between two different waves. For example, the phase difference between sin(x) and cos(x) is 90 degrees or pi/4 radians. Two waves that are in phase share the same wavelength at the same time intervals e.g. sin(x) and 3sin(x)

    when waves are in phase it means that they are travelling together with their peak and trough are in line (think of it as 2 dolphins swimming together)

    when waves are not in phase, one of the wave is half a wavelength behind or in front of the other wave and so there is a difference of 180 degrees between the two waves troughs and peak and so they cancel each other out - destructive waves

    if there is a difference of 1 whole wave (360 degrees) then that will be in phase as the peaks and troughs will be in line again - constructive waves so the amplitude of the 2 waves will add up and the new amplitude will be the sum of the amplitude of the 2 old waves

    i dont even know if this makes sense tbh lol
    look at diagrams in textbooks or on the internet it will be easier to understand with them

    What the above have described is a correct and describes phase difference between two progressive waves - apart from MathsAstronomy12 who stated that a phase difference of 90 degrees is
    pi/4 radians, when in fact it is:

    In terms of calculations, you can work out phase difference using the following:
    \frac{2\pi\ d}{\lambda}

    where d is the distance of the two points on one wave apart, and where the wavelength is lambda.
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