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In a trance driving home , scared I was speeding on m6 watch

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    On the m6 back from Wolverhampton / m54 today and as always the variable speed cameras are on at 60. I was in the slow lane all the way home , normally sit around 55 and check my speedo before every camera. About half way home I just phased out as I was a bit tired from work and I just can't remember that part of the journey ( alpha state of mind moment ) now I'm scared I was going like 70 past the cameras , I'm normally someone who follows the speed limit everywhere but this time I'm just worried , I mean surely if I was in the slow lane and going faster than 60 I would of caught people up ( was at 4 pm so busy time) anyone know about these cameras as I'm worried as there are like 10 of them

    Don't know about that motorway. The 'smart' motorways here have a camera about 1 in 10 gantries or something pathetic. Certainly I've not received a ticket when I've decided looking ahead and around is more important than being fixated on my speedo, and ended up speeding through several zones. You'll be fine.

    If these are the roads around Birmingham. I can't imagine you could of even managed to get past 60. Between all the lorries crawling at 56mph in the left hand lane, and every other car staying at 60mph but not moving out the middle lane - it's pretty impossible to build up speed. Unless you were overtaking cars and moving back into left hand lane??

    It's easy to worry! But also remember, you speed-o-meter (especially if your in an old car) will be out anyway by a few miles. Mine reads 65mph when I'm actually done 60mph. You can check if it's accurate by reading your speed on a sat nav against the speed-o-meter.

    If you were only doing just over 60mph.62-63. I can't imagine anyone would care. They're more interested in the BMWs in the right hand lane charging past at 80.

    (I know these Birmingham roads all too well 😂)
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