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    so basically i know a someone that did a piece of English coursework and she copied one paragraph from online. It was the 5th paragraph and when she handed it in to the teacher she go an A and the teacher didn't find anything suspicious
    i was wondering will she get in trouble by the moderator or will she be fine?


    There are some grey spots in guidelines for plagiarism marking;

    the main problems here are:
    a) Work that has been taken from lesser known websites, such as those on the 2nd page of Google- you know, the dark mysteries
    b) Work which is not copyrighted, but is taken from other sources
    c) Knowing how to work out whether something IS copyrighted or just very similar in styles of writing.

    Now, this is all considered when moderating, particularly in English.

    The way it works is this:
    A teacher is required to send everything from which the students have worked to the exam board. Any independent study SHOULD be written down in a bibliography, but in all honesty, no one really does that. Then the moderation is taken through a stratified sample of the courseworks; usually they take the 5 or so highest, the 5 or so lowest, and then maybe 1 or 2 in the middle.

    At this point, they will be able to tell whether:
    a) The teachers are marking correctly
    b) The students all have similar writing
    c) If anything comes up REPEATEDLY in the same or similar style.

    This idea of style is the main aspect of moderation; if most of the people who do To Kill A Mockingbird who are being moderated writes "This is shown in Scout's naive understanding, which is potentially a key theme in this section of the novel...", then it's not too much of a problem. It's quite a common sentence structure in a comparative essay. However, if I'm right, about 90% in the moderated sample, for example, have said "Scout's naivity is shown throughout this ideological aspect of the novel- the Bildungsroman style with which it is written shows the impact of the innocence explored by her, as well as her surroundings", then it is clear that there has been a usage of, ironically named, irregular consistency, where an unlikely thing is written by a large percentage involved.

    Alternatively, a dramatic change in a person's style, or language used, can also raise alarms for the moderator. Take the first two sentences. If I were to write them together in terms of a certain chapter, it would look like this:

    "This is shown in Scout's naive understanding, which is potentially a key theme in this section of the novel. By showing a naive understanding, she has trouble understanding the ways of Maycomb,
    //Scout's naivity is also shown throughout this ideological aspect of the novel- the Bildungsroman style with which it is written shows the impact of the innocence explored by her, as well as her surroundings. This is portrayed through the quote "[insert quote]", in which..."

    This is obvious that the style has somewhat changed, as there is a basic understanding for one section, which is later conceded with a VERY different comparative style. If this happens consistently, particularly in many different moderated texts, the moderator writes about this, and it is considered by higher powers in the moderation world, and everyone can look through different texts, or search sentences that don't fit in, all as a way of understanding whether the work is plagiarism or not.


    To summarise, the person in your class should be okay and let off if the style used in the plagiarism is similar to their overall style, or if it shows a similar yet not the same structure or understanding as the other moderated works. However, if the style is OBVIOUSLY different or otherwise dissimilar, or if the exact same language appears in the same way in different pieces, then there may be a problem.

    Overall though, it shouldn't matter too much.


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