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Is it time to stop student finance being based on parental income watch

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    damn you and your retarded poll thats the opposite of the thread title

    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    I am a taxpayer. I am the person providing the subsidy to your borrowing. I have sympathy for those parents who cannot afford to send their children to university and think it is right that I should subsidise their education. I have no sympathy for those parents who will not pay for their children's education and wish to throw the cost onto me. That is why it is fair.
    So I lose out as a direct result ?
    Additionally, what happens if they are against the idea of university but also cannot support me because of high mortgage, other siblings etc ?
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    Very Important Poster
    (Original post by Yaboi)
    damn you and your retarded poll thats the opposite of the thread title
    Cayght me out, what sort of idiot asks a question but phrases the poll the opposite way round?

    (Original post by lee1999wright)
    So I lose out as a direct result ?
    Additionally, what happens if they are against the idea of university but also cannot support me because of high mortgage, other siblings etc ?
    But why should I and my fellow taxpayers lose out?

    You don't choose your parents but you do choose whether to become estranged from them. You can choose to go out into the wicked world alone and without their support and you will have student support as though you have no parents but if you live under the blanket of their protection then you take that protection with the strings they put upon it.

    Siblings are taken into account in student support calculations.

    Parental contributions have existed since probably before your parents were born. Most children of parents with your parents earning capacity have been going to university since before you were born. They have known when you were going to be 18 since you were born. They have known about the likely level of student fees for 6 years. They have chosen to take out a mortgage they can't afford and also provide student finance and you have benefited from the house that mortgage has enabled them to own.

    (Original post by lee1999wright)
    My household income is around 75k and I feel that I should still be entitled to the same as someone with a household income of 25k.
    Despite there being a higher household income, my parents are against the idea of university so will be offering no financial support. So £3,928 plus a part time job is all I will have, less than people who receive a larger maintenance loan due to lower household income.
    Household income should be irrelevant in this case.

    How is that fair ?
    I understand your case. but I still wouldn't say you should receive the maximum. It's not that your parents cant pay, it's that they wont pay. It's a huge difference whether you want to admit that or not.

    Perhaps you should receive a little more if you can too provide written proof of your situation. Obtaining proof can be difficult though. Wouldn't everyone on a higher income lie and say that their parents aren't helping them even if they are? I just think it'll be very difficult to implement. They'd have to keep track of your bank statements to ensure your parents aren't secretly paying your rent, or havent opened up a new bank account to deposit money into. It's just not feasible tbh.

    Maybe your parents won't pay for your textbooks or your nights out, but it is very likely from the higher income students I know, that your parents will still pay for:
    - Driving lessons
    - Car and car insurance
    - Your rent and food costs when you come back home during holidays
    - All of the bills at home
    - Big costs like holidays with your friends

    I come from a single parent household on a very low income where it is basically me and my siblings who make all of the contributions.

    I get the maximum amount, and although I live at home while at university, these are my costs:

    - Commuting to uni costs me £200 a month
    - Driving lessons out of my own pocket which is about £160 a month
    - Paying rent to my mum every 3 months when I get my loan (about 1/3 of my payment)
    - Bills that are split between me and 2 other siblings
    - When I pass my test, I will have to pay for my own car and insurance with my siblings

    I barely have a social life, and hardly ever buy things for myself, yet all of these costs add up and I usually run out of money just before the next payment date.

    So while it might seem like a student living at home on low income has an easy life living on their student loan, I don't think I would be able to attend university if I wasn't getting a loan, because I wouldn't be able to contribute anything towards the household. I also wouldn't be able to learn how to drive without the money I get from my loan.

    I simply don't have the time for a part time job because I think you'll find it is common for most people from low income households to have more commitments/responsibilities at home due to their circumstances at home, which is what keeps me very busy when I'm not at university.

    So I don't think it is fair at all that a student with 2 working parents on a joint income of 80K should get paid the same as me, when I use this money to support myself 100% and still make contributions to the household, and don't even have enough money leftover for a social life.
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