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    On several episodes archer appears to be gay despite saying he is not. I am not being homophobic right now ,but it just seems weird for archer to be bi because i always assumed he was straight so i could relate to.him more now that he is possibly bi i cant relate to him since i am neither gay or bi, so thats partly why it feels weird. Now that i have added the disclaimer its time for the point. On one of the archer vice episodes he kisses a dying man, but it seems its not a ome time thing its.reccuring, he also says he wanted to 'bang joe frazier' (Ray Gilletes words). He also has a right ear piercing on season 6 episode 1 and had sex with *******. He does very similar things several times since season 3, so whats up with that? I thought the creators were trying to build up something but it just leaves you confused about archer, because he says himself he is not gay or bi but he does these things. Its gets annoying because they dont explain it with a lot of things. ANYONE WHO TRIES TO START AN ONLINE FIGHT BY SAYING WHY DOES IT MATTER PLEASE DONT BOTHER, i never once said it matters so dont start a conversation like that. The reason im asking is i want to know the answer becausr its something that keeps you distracted while watching archer.

    Ah yes, because the thing that stops a chronic alcoholic, sex addicted, narcissist cartoon super-agent being relatable is the fact that he's occasionally bicurious.

    Archer is an absolute wreck of a human being whose behaviour is all over the place thanks to his messed up childhood, severe mommy issues and alcohol addiction, he's a caricature of the Bond-esque spy genre and exhibits all the stereotypical elements of these characters in a grossly exaggerated fashion. Add into that that this is a comedy show and you don't exactly have a recipe for consistency.

    Yes. He has an attraction for muscular black guys. He mentioned Joe Frazier, of all people. So , I would assume that he would be the passive partner with Joe Frazier. 😳
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