Imperial Business School or Johns Hopkins SAIS? Watch

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Imperial College Business School (IBS), London: MSc Economics and Strategy for Business; 1 yr

This is a unique programme that will enable me to apply economics to practical business while formulating strategy. I have always wanted to do this especially as I see the benefits of I.O., Game Theory and International Trade topics when applied to real world business problems. My primary objective was to move away from the theoretical, empirical side into the application of economics so I can use it to build my own or the family business in the long run. I will learn all aspects of business as it relates to economics. Furthermore, I hope to use the skills taught to apply economics to real life international trade decisions by business.

The business school however is new but it carries the Imperial College brand (2nd in world 2014, 8th in 2015; QS ranking).
IBS is loved by employers who value the Imperial’s innovative approach to modern business and is ranked 3/4th in the U.K.
Professors come from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, etc.

Students get good jobs, mostly in consulting, which is what I was planning to pursue in the short term; KPMG, EY. Furthermore, we conduct a real life consulting project for a real company, a great experience for students. The incoming class size is 160 and 90% are international students (I saw 1 from U of T, NYU, and all over the world). STATA is also used to conduct analysis and there is plenty econometrics as it applies to the real world. It is on the cusp of Canary Wharf.

Programme Content:
IBS Faculty:

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Washington D.C.: M.A. International Economics and Finance; 11 months

The SAIS is world renowned for training U.N. ambassadors, diplomats, ministers, prime ministers; the leaders of tomorrow. Located 15 minutes walk from the white house, professors work at the IMF, World Bank, Fed, UN and have degrees or teaching experience from Harvard, Yale, MIT etc. To add to this, Anne Krueger (Former Deputy Secretary of IMF) teaches International Economics at that campus, Robert Mundell (Canadian Economics Nobel Laureate) did one time, Heiwai Tang (top 50 young economists in the world), John Lipsky (former chief economist at J.P. Morgan) also teach currently and I am sure if you look at the faculty directory you will be in awe at the SAIS. This campus known for international economics and recently opened this programme but it seems extremely impressive given faculty and the profile of students coming in.

I have been offered a $20K fellowship to study at the school. There are only 35 students in the class. 11 countries represented. It is very theoretical and empirical and prepares for policy, leadership, and international economic topics. I like Int’l econ, which is why I chose the programme. This is a pure Economics and Finance Degree. It also is very intensive and packs a 2 year programme into 1; with no internship opportunity. They claim the instensity of the programme is a regular Master’s on ‘steroids’. It seems however that they are molding the future leaders for high level positions and the opportunities seem incredible. This is piece of an email they sent me:
“Going forward, you will join the SAIS alumni network (lovingly known as the SAIS Mafia). Employers such as World Bank, IMF, IADB, Brookings Institute, the Federal Reserve and other various economic/finance institutions are very familiar with SAIS and often hire SAIS graduates. For example, this semester MIEF students are interning at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, the U.S. Treasury, and World Bank, Wilson Center, Institute of International Finance, and as Research Assistants with SAIS faculty (I have worked with five students).
Lastly, aside from classes and possible internships, we offer opportunities to take research trips. Seven MIEF students are currently visiting Singapore for job interviews; two students are currently visiting Chile to examine the implications of U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy on Chilean banks; and one student is currently visiting Cuba to study U.S.-Cuba international trade.”

Programme Brochure:


The glitter around this programme seems too hard to resist. However, I am passionate about applying economics in business that Imperial offers. I am not sure when another opportunity like JHU will come around, especially to specialize in economics which I can’t do in the future. Probably I can do an MBA after JHU. I am just afraid that I may enter an area that I do not see my long term goals residing, neither a 100% passion towards, although it would be great to have the Johns Hopkins name, the IMF opportunity, world class professors, the fellowship to my name and renowned guest speakers such as Hilary Clinton to name one.

Should I use my heart or my head? Of course, the sparkle around Johns Hopkins makes me even more excited to go to JHU over the programme itself. Imperial is where my interest, and desired future skills lie and is still an amazing school teaching skills for the future of business. But Johns Hopkins seems like it will give me that elevation to the level only a few will ever go. I just want to make sure I don’t sell myself short. Would Imperial allow me to reach such heights in the private sector? Who knows.
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They are like cheese and chalk in their concentrations, class and approach. Business School vs Government Affairs, SAIS students have more seasoning

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