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Moments of joy 'can damage heart' watch

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    I think this sums up a lot of what is wrong with the modern western approach to medicine and health. We have to accept we are going to die and there is more to life than just living longer, like actually enjoying the life you do get for one. We act like we can cheat death if we just do the right things, eat the correct diet, do the right amount of exercise... avoiding joy is now on that list :rofl:

    Yeah we are living longer but at what cost? If it means a large proportion of us have to work for longer and we are all poorer. Or we age and drag out death. What if we get dementia or some other life deteriorating illness? Just getting old will do this. Unless we can sort out and combat ageing effectively I don't want us all to live until 100. I also want the option to take a death pill or something. I don't want to get dementia to the point I am no longer me and can't recognise my children and friends. I want to be able to have the option to die before that happens when I can still say good bye. But instead I am obliged to stick it out.

    We aren't focusing on making life more enjoyable, researching if we can reduce the effects of ageing to coincided with living longer and having the maturity to allow people to decide when they want to go if they get ill.

    Guess this explains why I'm rarely happy.

    Gotta keep my health

    I'd rather live a short life full of moments of joy than a long boring life avoiding a heart condition tbh
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    I don't see the point in potentially adding an extra 10 years onto my life. At that stage, it's just another 10 years of being an old ****er anyway.
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