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    Applications to apply to become a prefect at my school close on Friday. We've only had about a week of notice about this, and I've been thinking about it every day since I found out.
    I think I would make a good prefect because I know what it's like to be a younger/lower down student in the school, and how worrying and nerve-wracking it can be, especially when dealing with sixth formers or people in the year above and I'd like to do what I can to help them.

    The prefect job description says a prefect should show the following qualities:
    • Excellent organisational and communication skills (yes)
    • A mature and thoughtful outlook (yes)
    • Leadership skills (not a leader)
    • Work well in a team (depending on the team, I'll get the job done, but I won't talk much)
    • Time-management skills (yes)
    • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to students, parents and staff in a range of contexts
    • Politeness (yes)
    • Good judgement (yes)
    • Responsibility (yes)
    • Reliability (yes)

    I'm a quiet, smart and reserved kind of student- The head of Year 12 teaches me Geology and I'm on good terms with him and my form tutor (who I'm also "friends" with) says I would make a good prefect.

    Here's the kicker: Every week a pair of prefects have to write and perform a reading in front of most of the school, on the "theme of the week", which can be anything from climate change to technology to women's rights, etc. You get the picture.
    The thing is, I've managed to go through my entire school career taking extensive measures to avoid standing on stage. The thought of standing up there is more than enough to put me off becoming a prefect altogether. But another part of me is just begging myself to go for it, despite the reading. The problem is, I can't talk to a group of more than about 7-10 people for my life. I stutter, mispronounce and miss words, and generally look and sound boring in general. Going up there would essentially be walking into a real life hell, knowing there are people out there thinking "Oh God, not this/This is so boring"

    In addiction, to apply, you have to outline something that you and other prefects could work on as our "legacy to the school". No idea what I could write for that either. I'm in charge of the school greenhouse, but that's not very close to helpful, as other prefects have to work on it, and it has to be of benefit to the school more directly than that.

    I don't really know how anyone is meant to help me with this, it's my decision and I can't change the facts. I've just really been driven into a corner here.
    Help me! D:


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