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When a false sexual assault allegation is made against a minority? watch

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    I've read about this interesting story from Australia where a newspaper columnist wrote a column about a woman who claimed she had been gang raped and who said that the police didn't bother to look into or investigate the crime. She specifically identified Muslim men as being the perpetrators of the assault. The columnist wrote about how outrageous it was that the police had been so slack in failing to investigate such a serious crime.

    After it was published other information has come to light that has caused people to call into question whether this attack actually happened, and the columnist has since withdrawn his claims. There are many inconsistencies in her story. I found this story interesting for two reasons.

    The first is that the people who were intensely looking at all the details of her story and picking holes in it were left-wing people; the sort of people who are outraged by the suggestion that false rape allegations ever occur. The second was that some of the reasons put forth for suggesting she had made up the allegation (which I would clarify was not against any particular, identified person) were Facebook posts they found which showed she had quite strong anti-Muslim bigoted views and was associated with a sort of "Australia First" type party.

    There's a kind of "intersectionality" here between the idea of false claims of rape occurring pushing up against the left-wing tendency to defend the Islamic community. It does seem the woman is unwell though I was uncomfortable with the idea that her story was disbelieved by some merely because she held unpalatable views.

    I don't know what the answer is to this. There's more info and a video segment on it in the link below

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    I would hasten to add that crimes of this sort (gang rapes by Muslim perpetrators with a racial element, the victims being white women) actually did occur around that time. One was considered so shocking that the gang leader got 50 years in prison


    I'm not sure what that adds to the situation but it does seem disingenuous for some people to claim that these things would never happen.
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