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Can someone estimate the grade i will get for this? watch

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    I have redone make spoken language study.
    Can someone:
    - estimate the grade
    - suggest any improvements
    - etc.

    In this essay, I will reflect and comment critically on the way Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield’s use of language changes and adapts towards Katie Hopkins’ viewpoint during an interview, about the influence of children’s names. At the beginning, everyone is formal and takes turns to speak, but by the end, everyone is overlapping each other as they are so shocked by what Katie Hopkins is saying.

    At the beginning of the interview, both HW and PS start off quite formal while their paralinguistic features reflect this - they are sitting with good posture. However, HW has children of her own so she can relate to this topic. When KH agrees that her opinions are restricting her children. HW says in a heightened pitch ‘But why would you do that?’ ,then puts her hand on her heart, this show us as an audience that HW is shocked by KH’s opinion and strongly disagrees with it as she would never to that to her children, she emphasizes her shock even more by repeating what she has already said. Furthermore, the hand gesture also makes the situation more dramatic than it actually is, making it more entertaining for the live audience.
    At the end of the interview, the formality has decreased dramatically compared to the beginning. When KH starts to compare children to cheap wine, HW burst out in an angry tone, ‘Oh stop, stop right there. Thank you very much.’ which she says whist her body is faced away from her, this shows she is trying to take back control of the interview. PS dramatically fell backwards into the chair as if he has given up in frustration.

    PS challenges KH’s discriminating opinion by using phatic language. An example of this is when PS says, ‘You’re childs called Poppy.’ I believe he doesn’t use this for conventional reasons but to give KH a false sense of security. By using phatic language this puts KH at ease and makes her less ready for the onslaught to come. This is reflected by the paralinguistic features of KH, who is mirroring the body language of the presenters which is a sign of how comfortable and stress free she is. By getting the interviewee relaxed, when the interviewer asks a challenging question, they will get a better response, than if the interviewee was prepared and said a planned speech.

    Repetition and overlapping is very common and important in this interview as Katie Hopkins continuously interrupts everyone, especially KH and PS.
    HW:’ ’’And what does, what does…’’ ‘
    KH:’ ‘’It’s a very efficient way of working out what class that child comes from; do I want my children to play with them?’’ ‘
    These quotes show the dominance that KH holds. She feels confident in interrupting HW and PS and seizing the topic as she has been on this TV show many times before and knows what they are like. When HW tries to ask KH a question, KH completely ignores her until she has finished her sentence. When she finished, she faced HW and nodded her head as if expecting her to finish. Moreover, KH took the role of the interviewer - she is the leader.

    Near the end of the interview, PS tries to seize power, of the interview by emphasizing/ stressing points. PS stresses the points ‘‘’Your child is called India.’’ ‘, ‘‘’India isn’t a location?’’’ and ‘’’We’re talking about education?’’’. By pointing these statements out with a quickened pace of delivery (to prevent KH interrupting), PS seems to have made the interview more personal and caused KH to become defensive. While she is searching for some answers, he stops posing rhetorical questions and uses direct eye contact, whilst pointing his finger at her, which can come across as aggressive/rude.

    At this point, the audience will be very shocked at the informality PS is portraying, as an interviewer; he is expected to remain professional. However, PS might be being rude on purpose to keep the audience engaged, as they are on live television their producer will have picked KH as a hidden agenda; she has been on many times before, so they would have known she would have a strong opinion about something and in turn create a debate.

    In conclusion, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield use a range of language techniques to get a better response, which would be more entertaining to the audience. When, Katie Hopkins gave an opinion HW used hand gestures to make the situation appear more dramatic than it actually is whilst PS would use language techniques like: phatic language and emphasizing key points, to get KH to feel at ease, so she would say the first thing that comes to mind.

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