Nigel Farage has in most people's eyes been victorious in most EU debates thus far. However the last Guardian* Hosted debate he finally got shown up for the populist fraud he is (or at least a that's how I saw it!)

Admittedly saddled with a useless cohort ( I would say that the other side were saddled with Clegg but the public seemed to have warmed to him and he gave an excellent performance) Farage showed himself as a sound bite politician, the UKs very own Trump.

The elite hate us, vote for me I'm a successful business man** and I say it how it is! I can get Mexico to pay for a massive wall, I can get all the benefits if being in the EU without the perceived drawbacks. If I'm not successful, it's because of those damn elites that i frequently rub shoulders with!

About an hour into the debate he visibly breaks- no one is mentioning Norway as a basis for out he says, before going on to say why we could be like
Norway (despite their politicians all being corrupt, allegedly). Not to mention Obama hates us. and all the other world leaders. Barring of course Russia and our friends in the commonwealth ( not India, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand...maybe Mugabes interested?)

Nigel Farage has clearly divided the world, because he is clearly the messiah pf the one true path and is using every conspiratorial trick up his sleeve to emphasise this.

Establishment? Check
Goldman Sachs? Check
War on terror? Check

Because people like Paul Dacre, Gove and IDS are not establishment, because people like Caroline Lucas are up to their neck in money from Goldman Sachs whilst the brexit camp eschew all dodgy funding entirely and are completely transparent with their funding. And because all the other side do is support the war on Iraq ((Clegg, Ken Clarke and most Eurocrats we're against it)

Pretty much every cliche was used in that hour I'm surprised he didn't resort to saying illuminati or linking it all to Israel. No wonder he and Galloway are getting on so well, they've completely lost the plot/ have a very sinister agenda. Notice his stance on Ukraine. If he was Corbyn every paper would be going mental. It's almost like there's an establishment.

*inb4 bias and selective audience, it wasn't and the audience was audibly mixed.

** Trumps inherited business which got massively bailed out by the government and Saudis. Farage left a business oweing tens of thousands: