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I originally picked 4 AS levels to take: English Lit, History, Psychology and Philosophy. After taking my GCSE mock examinations I was given a choice with a close deadline to choose to drop one of my subjects. I made the difficult decision of dropping English Literature. People are telling me I may regret doing so, but I can't see myself getting a good mark on it based on coursework and mock exam result combined (even though I know the mock exam doesn't reflect your end grade too much).

I decided to choose the Extended Project as I believe I could research something liking to all three of my remaining AS Levels and this would strengthen my knowledge and skills. However, reading up on it now it appears that this will make it harder for me to get a place in University? The problem is I don't exactly have any set plans for my future so I can only really base my plans on now. Is it really such a bad idea that I've dropped a subject that I don't enjoy and don't believe I'll get good grades on? I looked through other subjects but it's too late now to really change onto another course. Especially since I hold not much interest in anything else and without passion I tend to slip down a lot. Is 3 AS levels + 3 A levels and an Extended Project all with good grades (hoping for all A-A*s) considered good?

Also does anyone know anything I can do throughout Sixth Form to get more recognition with employers or Universities? I want to get a job but are there any opportunities that usually come up throughout those years? Since I'm only taking 3 I would like to do as much as I can.
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Do work experience.

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