College is making my anxiety worse?!

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Ever since I started college last year I swear it is making my anxiety worse and worse.. I'm not an A level student, I was average for pretty much every subject. So to jump to a course equivalent to 3 A levels is a huge task in itself. The workload is insane, a friends friend who is at university says she gets less work than we do. After school I took a gap year to help my dad out with his business, so from 17-18 I was working with him, making money, and though I didn't know many people, I was moderately happy.. I had a car and everything. I finished when I started college in September. I was planning to get a job on the weekends to keep my car going and for any college expenses, but that has not happened. Not just because of the workload, but my anxiety as well. Of course my dad was self employed, he knows me, so there was no interview process and all of that terrifying stuff. Basically I just find the whole interview process beyond nerve-wracking, and it definitely comes across to the employer, hence why I haven't been hired anywhere yet. The questions they ask are stupid too, but that's a whole new thread.. "why do you want to work here" Umm because it's slightly better than being homeless in the future? You have to shove a broom up your backside to get hired because for whatever reason employers prefer you lie on every question instead of brute honesty.. Any advice for anything I have mentioned? I know it's long, forgive me
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Have you seen you're GP about your anxiety? If not then that's a very good place to start, so are the support/pastoral team at your college f there are any. Hopefully then you can start getting help with the anxiety itself and make things a bit easier for you that way. In terms of jobs, I think a lot of people struggle with that. I don't have much experience with interviews myself but try and come up with a list of questions places are likely to ask and some possible answers- there's no need to lie, just think about something positive you can say for each one about yourself and/or the workplace and that's a very good start! You could also ask your dad what he looks for when hiring people and if he can give you some interview practice, there's loads of stuff on google too. Good luck!

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