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    I have offers from Chelsea, Bournemouth and Loughborough. I am still waiting on a reply from Central Saint Martins and I have an interview with Goldsmiths next week.

    I have no Idea where to study and I picked all of those with the idea that I wouldn't mind going to any one of them. However if I receive an offer from them all I have no idea where I would want to go

    Loughborough :
    Pros : high ranking (however for a creative subject I don't think that matters)
    Decent space for 1st years and fantastic space for 2nd and 3rd year
    All the materials I would want to use are available
    Great feedback on teacher student contact
    Cons: Small town (I'm a city girl, however it might be good for me)
    2 hrs + away from London (I like visiting galleries alot)
    Not much in the town

    Pros: great feed back with teacher student contact
    Beautiful town, clearer atmosphere
    Materials can be compromised, so alot of materials are available
    Cons: Space is not as big as I thought it would be for the location of the university
    1-2 hrs away from London (gallery issue)

    Pros: great sense of community
    Good contact time
    Very fine art based
    In London (near galleries) the hub
    Known for its fine artists
    All ual facilities available
    Cons: not so much materials (no dark room ect)
    Will have to live at home (expensive)

    Central Saint Martins
    Pros:great reputation (more for fashion, I only know of lucien freud)
    Alright materials
    Alright space for 1st year (I've heard. Have not seen it since it is not in the new building) good space for 2-3rd year.
    In London (galleries )
    All Ual facilities available
    Cons: daunting atmosphere, cold (main building, was told the 1st year building feels more broken into + no fashion students)
    Will live at home (expensive)
    Little contact time (180 students a year- I might be wrong)

    Goldsmiths - yet to go and see it, however
    Pros: it is a train away from home
    Known for artists
    Theory based (I like that)
    Con: again in London so will have to stay at home

    If you've been to goldsmiths could you inform me of the space ect If I get a reply before my interview , or I will update on my experience.

    I have no idea what to pick, I might seem a little bit petty in terms of not wanting to travel to London on a train for two hours (I blame that on being less the 30 minutes away right now)

    Also what universities do people rate the most out of these five for fine art as picking one that is more accredited will help my decision. As I'm doing art I might as well go to the best one (I do know that a huge percentage is the work you put in , in terms of the work you produce and how much you get yourself out there)


    Thank you



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