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Sprint, run or jog for thin legs - i seem to be only gaining muscle watch

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    Over the past few months i've plucked up the confidence and really stuck to the gym, i'm now really quite happy with my body shape, however my legs have become too musclular for my liking.

    I mostly run on the treadmill, sprinting between 8.5-12.5mph with a 1.5 incline and this has helped me lose alot of my weight, however my calves and thighs have become too thick. I want to be toned but with thin legs/thighs instead of being bulky/athletic (like jessica ennis). I've googled but different websites give different advice.
    what should i do to get thinner legs but still progress with/maintain my weightloss?

    (without doing squats as i have a bad knee and swimming since i can't swim aha)

    Any advice would be super helpful

    (Original post by ~ Aquamarine ~)

    If you stop with the sprinting and go for more traditional cardio (bike, rower, long distance running) then your body will consume muscle as its a fairly accessible energy source.

    Two points though. Remember that your muscles are burning fat all day for you, even when you sleep. They are definitely your allies in the weight department, I would think twice about cashing them in. Also, you can't just get rid of leg muscle, the traditional cardio will consume muscle from other parts. So, you'll have to work a lot harder to get/keep the weight off.

    Sometimes, it's just difficult to be content. Lots of guys like girls with shapely, defined legs. Completely upto you, though.


    why? skinny bird legs look terrible

    assuming you don't have any fat left on your legs to lose (and to be honest if you do this you'll probably just increase definition), you aren't going to slim your legs down unless you lose the muscle you have, which probably means stopping exercise, in theory you probably wouldn't need as muscular legs to run more slowly but it will take a long time to lose the muscle you have if you're still using it a lot

    I'd second other advice, muscular legs probably look much better than slightly slimmer legs with no muscle tone

    Highly doubt you've gained a lot of leg muscle of the course of a few months for them to become any type of 'too muscular' (although Im sure our definitions will vary but thats beside the point) especially if you've only been sprinting and not been doing targeted resistance training.

    You've probably gained a bit of fat, are you tracking calories? Whats is your eating like and how much do you weigh for your height?


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