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Hi all,

I'm hoping that you can help me decide which postgraduate course to do. I have offers from both Stirling University for MSc Marketing and from Edinburgh Napier to do MSc Creative Advertising. To give you a bit of background my undergraduate degree was in Psychology but I wish to do something creative and business related as a career path. My previous work experience is mostly sales based.

I cannot decide if I should do Marketing as a broad course to learn the fundamentals of the profession or to be specific and focus on advertising. I do find the market research side and understanding the consumer part of Marketing really interesting because of the psychology of it. But I don't know whether it is specific enough to get a job at the end of it. I don't know what direction to take in a Marketing career path and finding a job at the end is kind of daunting.

However while I am a creative person and quite idea-generating, I don't know whether I am good enough to withstand the pressures of constantly making new ideas in the advertising course. Also my art skills aren't the best, but using digital methods is something I am interested in exploring. However I think with this course it would be a great pathway into finding a job and I think I would really enjoy myself.

I really can't decide between the two courses and have no gut feeling about it.

If anyone can offer their opinion that would be great, even better if you've done either of these courses.

Thanks in advance!

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