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    Hi there

    I have been asked to fill in a discretionary fund application, because the Open Uni are putting me through a dyslexia assessment. Apparently this needs to be done. They also said to fill in the income and expenditure.

    Now the truth is I am really struggling financially, but I never even considered the thought of applying for the discretionary fund.

    So basically, I am not very sure about what to ask for.. the Uni wrote dyslexia assessment already, and I know you can ask for help with priority bills etc but I really don't know what is worth mentioning and what to ask for. It even asks for amounts you are wanting to claim.

    Basically, myself and partner have no children, but already had an elderly dog when I started studying. She ended up overnight in hospital on oxygen because her heart failed. Thankfully they saved her but the bill was 900, and her regular medication is sitting at 200 a month! She has insurance but they won't pay out because apparently there is a record that she had a heart murmur on a past medical history before we adopted her (unknown to us!).

    My vet said I wasn't able to pay by instalment as you have to be part of a 15 pound a month scheme or something with the vet already to get that option. If we didn't pay it would go to debt collection.Great.

    So basically between us we paid 900 off my card plus the 200 meds and 200 in travel/consultations since then. My parents are retired and my brother in Japan and my nan is struggling as it is, So I ended up having to borrow money. We thought this would be ok short term and we would pay it off over 2 or 3 months (the monthly bills aren't too unbearable between us, it was the one off large hospital fee that threw us)

    Unfortunately, my partner lost his job. Great.

    So basically he has found work but won't get paid from that till next month, and even if he can get an advance I have 2 loans (about 600 in total to pay back) rent is 625, ct 120, about 250 on dogs meds..etc etc and because my partner has work again we can't claim benefits. he just missed the cut off for his new job to get paid this month so it has left a gap. Also my full time hours have been halved against my will so now I am part time..

    We are doing everything we can i.e I am going to speak to the loans places and British Gas etc and explain the circumstances..

    But what on earth do I ask for on this discretionary form They might be like "vet bills aren't our issue" yes but they have made us not be able to pay some utilities potentially, plus she is basically our child lol.

    Is it even worth asking for anything or just leave it as "dyslexia assesment" only?

    Does anyone have any experience with asking for help on these? I did phone the uni but they just kept saying it varies case to case. I am still not sure what to ask for

    Thanks for any help!
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    Official TSR Representative
    Hi Janey142

    If you are unsure what is required on the form, please contact the Open University and they will assist you.

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