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VW Scirocco R or Mercedes A Class? watch


    I think it depends on the kind of car you want really.

    Personally, I'd go A Class. If you forget about things like AMG Line, and just order the comfort extras of an A class, you can get a really comfortable car that lasts you a LONG time.

    If you go for a scirocco, then you'll get a sportier hatchback that might me more traditional, but you could grow tired of the hard suspension and racetrack-styling after a while.

    If you ask me, comfort is the way to go. We have a Citroen C5 which, to this day, has the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. It's 2003, but it has CD, AC, Cruise Control, Electric Seats, ****ing armrests on every seat and makes you feel like you're sitting in your living room while you're driving. Believe me, if you could choose one place to be for the rest of your life, would it be an armchair, or a hard schoolchair that just slides along the maths department corridor faster?

    To be honest i've always been into the germans especially Audi. The only thing about VW is they're a little over rated. Everywhere I look someone's got a Golf R or even any other variant of the Golf. Scirocco isn't as popular, but I don't think it's as practical as the golf - you're only buying for looks.
    The mercs are nice, but the one issue is they depreciate rapidly.
    Reading the above posts some have asked which variant of the A class you mean. Insurance will be a pain on the R or A45 but it depends how old you are, if you can afford it (no offence intended) etc. If we're talking premium/sport then go for the A45 or consider an Audi S3/BMW M135. If you're putting in the money then I could assume that depreciation isn't a major problem.

    If we're talking more affordable and reliable cars then I would consider a less powerful variant of the A class or the BMW 1 series. I find standard A3's quite boring despite being an Audi fanatic so stay away, same for golfs. Someone also mentioned Mazda 3. I actually have a Mazda3 1.6 TS which is actually fairly nippy if you can drive a manual fast, but there is a 2.0 sport version which i'm sure is fast enough for a hatchback, and a lot cheaper than a german. Again, depends on your preference. Let me know if you want further help, you've got me interested.
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