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If you could change things about your past, what would they be ? watch

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    If I could, as I have many regrets, I'd change it by:

    - I'd go to a better school/go to university
    - Wouldn't troll online
    - Wouldn't hang around the streets
    - Wouldn't be around the wrong people/ made the right friends.
    - Wouldn't behave idiotically
    - Care more about my education/study harder/care about the future
    - Not be bothered by what others think or say
    - Not spend so much time online
    - Not spend so much time regretting the past
    - Read more, wrote more
    - Joined a gym/started volunteering earlier
    - Didn't swear/ dress like a chav
    - Make more of my youth
    -Not been a pushover/stood up for myself

    That's all I can think of for now.

    I'd have gotten help for my mental health a lot sooner

    I'd have stuck in more at school, college and uni. I always got decent grades but never put my heart into it and could have done so much better

    I'd have continued with singing and performing

    I'd have adopted cats a lot more sooner

    I'd have never started smoking weed and messing around as a teenager.

    I'd have continued as a straight-A student instead of wasting several years of my life due to the above.

    I'd have quit my sh*it job and returned to education sooner.

    Tbh pretty much all of what you've listed except that I've never trolled online prior to joining TSR(winding up thickos on the Daily Mail comments section doesn't count IMO), but I've felt compelled to on occasion since.

    Taken up reading as a hobby rather than playing games since a little kid.

    I'd make sure I never started watching porn and also actually revise and try for my GCSEs.

    All my other decisions have been pretty legit to me

    Go to a different secondary school, so as to avoid any bullying.

    Get help for my mental health problems a lot sooner.

    Avoid walking out on my parents and the family home, just before my 18th birthday.
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