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    Hi guys,I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my English speech before my assessment after easter

    What if Iwas to tell you 1 in 2 people in the UK have been a victim ofdiscrimination,would you believe me? Butbefore we begin,what is discrimination? Has anyone ever treated youdifferently,in an unjust or callous way due to something you cannot control?Maybe you have also been a victim to this sickening form of treatment .Race,age,looks,gender,sexuality ,religionand beliefs are just a few of the many ways people are treated in an unequal,prejudice manner every single day. These peopleinclude prisoners.
    Despite housing some unspeakablecriminals in prisons,they are still people.. As we live our livestoday,oblivious to the ongoing torture in our prisons,8 women will be abused.130 racially motivated attacks will take place. These people are not any moreguilty than their fellow inmates yet year after year are still beingdiscriminated. Imagine if it was your mother beaten for being a women ,yourcousin tormented for being gay,your friend being attacked for being black.Would you still believe prisoners should be thrown in prison to rot,even forpetty crimes?
    I believeequality and sufficient care by prison wardens should be providedunquestionably . Despite this, I wholeheartedly agree prisoners deserve to bepunished for their actions,yet this clearly is a long lost intention. How is itfair to provide luxuries such as consoles and TV’s but not basic human rights?Luxuries are unmindfully being thrown atprisoners to distract them from the prejudice they are facing. The prison systemclearly shows incredibility of effectiveness .The equality act of 2010 is d.People enter prisons and are immediately stripped from their rights,everyonemust be white,heterosexual,healthy and have no religious beliefs in order tosurvive. Does this sound similar to you? Our justice system taking inspirationfrom Hitler’s beliefs that killed 6 million innocent people,suppressing theirrights to be people.our country is described to be a free country ,yet ourprisoners are beaten,bruised and humiliated in a place where no one can see,noprevention can take place,no cruelty can stop.
    78% of the ethnic minority in prisonsacross the UK admit to being racially discriminated. 31% of transgender individuals have reported verbalhumiliation,62% of prisoners with a disability have not been allowed toparticipate fully in prison life despite being able to. The despicable factsare incomprehendable. Yes,the days of racial segregation and unemployed womenare over, but discrimination is still vividly alive in our prisons in modernday society . All of these prisoners are scared,struggling to survive for beingdifferent. And they can do nothing. Nothing. It is extremely problematic to provide a credible testimonyto be able to take court action when judges themselves discriminate people on adaily basis.
    The most vunerable prisoners areLGBT prisoners. They often face additional challenges compared to heterosexual inmatessuch as bullying or abuse.One horiffic story that made me feel strongly passionateabout the subject is of a transgenderfemale,Zahara Green who was entered into an all male facility despite being nowfemale,making her 13 times more likely to be assaulted. “I felt like I wasbeing let out into wolves,you’re on your own” are the words she used todescribe her carelessness transition into prison by wardens. While being continuouslyraped by an imate for two years,she requested to be put in a solitary cell yetwas denied. It took a lawsuit against 13 correctional officers before Green wasmoved. This is a clear example of pure neglect and injudiciousness.

    Action desperately needs tobe taken immediately to prevent mistreatment and discrimination in prison.Zahara Green no longer considered herself as a female,yet her beliefs were carelesslyignored by officers. This is just one story.Thousands of prisoners experiencemany other types of mistreatment I have not mentioned,the lengthy amount ofcases are endless.It is imperative officers are monitored in the attempt toprevent inequity moreover,services provided for prisoners to confide in genuine,caringofficers if abuse,whether verbal or physical to be prevented. Are we going to continute to ignore thetraumatic ordeals our prisoners are experiencing or are we going to raiseawareness and reform our justice system? No prisoner deserves to experiencethese inhumane situations based on their race,sexuality or any other reason tobe discriminated by. All prisoners should be treated sternly yet fairly,andmost importantly,equally.

    I'm not sure if posting this on here is wise... The Support Team members can correct me on that one though..
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Updated: March 18, 2016
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