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Cow urine being sold in UK shops watch


    I cannot see anything wrong with this?

    Ah ha! That must be the secret ingredient in Cillit Bang.

    (Original post by TaintedLight)
    Inexact analogy. Some of us who may use cow dung for agricultural purposes may not want to buy the same form say, waitrose's detergent section.

    Of course. But cow urine is not on sale in waitrose, it's on sale in Indian supermarkets. If you don't like it, then don't go to Indian supermarkets: that's the simple solution. It's not like there are many areas of the UK where Hindu supermarkets predominate. That being said some Indian supermarkets have very cheap rice and excellent fresh vegetables and spices so by all means go to them, and don't buy cow urine: problem solved.

    If one side of the world is doing something silly, their practice is not justified by the actions of those who lives in the other side.

    Usually I'd agree with you, but cow urine is relatively harmless, whereas alcohol is extremely harmful. The practice itself might be scientifically suspect, but the criticism is certainly highly questionable given our non-existant moral standpoint. India is a very pro-science country at least as regards educated and literate people: poverty and credulity reign supreme in poor areas but as a whole India is probably culturally more prone to evidence and mathematical analysis than Western culture: they did pretty much invent modern mathematics after all, seeing as we owe them our numeral system and a couple of major mathematical advances, such as the number 0.

    Even though you haven't fully clarified the purity point, the thought of showering yourself or some religious artefact in cow piss can rattle a lot of agnostic's thought process.
    I have clarified it as much as it can be clarified. People have many illogical religious beliefs, both in India and in the West. I am an Atheist and don't believe in either, but frankly as I see it Indian culture is no less illoogical than British culture, since for the timebeing most Brits are Christian and thus believe in a host of totally unverifiable and incredible phenomena, no different to the average Hindu. You just have to take a step back from your own viewpoint and realise that it's a perfectly logical belief that cow urine has purification properties, if you also believe that milk feeds and cow feces creates.

    Indian philosophy is tripartite: creation leads to existence leads to rebirth. Thus feces = creation of food, milk = sustenance of life, and urine = purification and religious fulfillment, which then leads to rebirth and then creation again.

    Cow's urine ??????? The Hindus must be taking the piss.
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