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    Basically I just recently completed my mocks, I can fairly say that I revised for it quite hard for it which is what is so distressing.
    I actually have the knowledge that I needed for my mocks.. I went into the exam hall very confident but however left very annoyed. I asked all my other class mates if they got to finish and every single person said yes. Bare in mind this happened for all of my subject mocks. Its annoying because people think i'm so stupid,lazy or i dont revise but its not even like that
    Even in my controlled assessments for my biology and chemistry subjects I am the last one to finish. My teachers allow my class mates to leave after they have completed their assessment and I am always the last one in the classroom 20-30 min after everyone else has left. It is really upsetting

    Is it possible I could get extra time for my real exams due to being slow? I don't think I'm dyslexic, infact I dont really no what the problem really is.

    Well at least you can identify this issue now rather than later.

    What you can do is to time yourself when doing timed questions and papers. Even if it's a 4 marker, still time yourself with 4 minutes to complete the question. With practise you'll get there in time for the real exam.

    You'll just have to practice :yep:

    Like aamirac said, work out exactly how many minutes you get per mark. It's often around 1 minute per mark. Find questions, put a timer on, and work through them - you'll soon get better at reading questions and writing answers faster

    Im afraid you can't apply for extra time since you don't really have a condition. Take a look at this: http://www.cie.org.uk/images/85706-h...rangements.pdf

    And do like the ones above said, but not just questions but at the start set a timer (i use google), for example if you're paper is for 2 hours, set it for 1 hour each so you can figure out if you've finished one half within an hour and try to write faster.

    And also, if you can, make your room's atmosphere, where you study, like an examination hall, i mean sit on a table and chair like you normally would and seclude yourself alone in the room with no distubance.
    And while solving past papers, i mean it, STAY AWAY from browsing on the internet, that'll waste all your time (believe me, i do that alot)

    Practice (im sure you do ) and good luck!
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    there are two possibilities.

    1. If you are dyslexic or have a medical reason as to why it takes longer , then you must get this diagnosed.
    You need to discuss this with your parents and or go to see your GP for confirmation.
    You or your parents then need to make the school aware of this, so they cna take it into account. You need to hurry up about this or they wont know about it for the exams. If you are diagnosed as dyselexic then you will be classed as a child with special educational needs. SEN.

    Here is a link to the relevant part of the Dyslexia Action, there is an icon on the right which means you cna listen to their explanation.


    Here is a link to the NHS for Dyslexia diagnosis.

    2. The alternative is that you are just not good at organising yourself for exams. If you are not dyslexic and have no medical issues, then its a question of organisation and just using your time wisely. that means if you have 3 hours then use all three hours. There are no extra marks for finishing before time.

    Distribute your time wisely and evenly. break it down into parts so for 4 questions on a 2h exam its 10mins to review the paper then 4x 40 mins and 10 mins checking. Do not spend too much time on one question once your time has run out, but move onto the next.

    You can get better at this by practice, have your watch next to you an do timed questions just like in an exam until you get better and master being able to answer a question wthin the time given.

    You can get extra time if you have ADHD aswell as that can effect concentration

    ask your sixth form/college etc to be tested for extra time

    Speak to the SENCO in your school about getting tested for dyslexic and access arrangements.

    I'm entitled to extra time and a word processor.

    I think your situation may be similar to mine. It's not that we don't know the info; it's just that it takes us longer to process, or be sure in what we want to say.

    Lucky for me I have 'conditions' that I can cite. Ever been to a psychologist? If so, you can use that.

    Everything you wrote in your post highlights what I experienced all the way through my high school life. I was always the last to finish an exam and most of my peers would finish early and leave. I even did a mock once and I had 5 questions left after 1 hour. My teacher gave me an extra 30mins to complete the exam. It wasn't as if I was faffing around during exams, I was actually writing. I never thought I had dyslexia nor was it picked up during my high school days. I think this was purely due to my results being A's or A*... after lots of tears and minor hair loss. I always joked that my slowness was due to me being part snail.

    Now that i'm at university my tutor pushed me to go and seek support from our dyslexia team. I had an assessment and spoke of my academic concerns and I received my report back and it turns out I have deficits in phonological processing and a horrible working memory. I am dyslexic, but there are different areas of dyslexia. With my report I am entitled to extra time during exams, BUT and I think this is the most important bit your tutors/support networks are about to offer you ways to enhance you learning that best suits your needs. Definitely worth seeking advice. Good luck with your academic life.
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