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Does popularity in school mean anything in the real world? watch

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    the popular girls... you mean the ones who work in mcdonalds now... the ones who got pregnant with twins straight after year 11... the ones who ALWAYS end up getting cheated on by their long term boyfriends who they were always boasting about in school and everyone knows about it too because they post it all on facebook for us to see.. yes I am so envious of those girls to this day

    More often than not, it's the quiet, nerdier kids who end up with the good lives :yep:

    well, that's what I tell myself to make me feel better :lol:

    Personally, popularity doesn't matter to me.

    Sure, some popularity gives you a step-up in terms of job prospects in the adult world but in school, no, not really. If you're being admired for something that you're not, you're bound to live a life of inevitable misery. I'd much rather be unpopular for being true to myself than to be admired for something that I'm not. Popularity in some schools is essentially putting others down who you feel threatened by or jealous of in a bid to make yourself feel better which is something I strongly disagree with.

    As long as I am able to stay true to myself and I am free to do what I wish without being rudely criticised or judged, popularity means nothing to me. If anything, I don't particularly find the prospect of being surrounded by people *all the time* particularly appealing. I value solitude and enjoy my own company and prefer to read a good book with a cup of tea or just spend time with 2-3 very close friends of mine.

    Those who are popular because they are kind, deserving and pleasant people undoubtedly who far in life and go onto touch many peoples' hearts and make immense differences to others' lives. Those who are popular by putting others down in order to make themselves feel better will essentially crumble in the real world because ****ging others off to make yourself look good won't land you that dream job!


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I wouldn't say I'm like the most popular, but I do have a large circle of friends and get invited to parties etc...
    are you pretty

    (Original post by georgiaswift)
    Being popular in school is not the same as being popular in the real world. The vast majority of 'popular' people in secondary school get there by bullying the kids who are clever, or who enjoy esoteric or unusual things (dungeons and dragons; Pokemon; etc etc), or who aren't conventionally attractive.

    Popularity in the real world is how you've described it: social, making connections, networking and so on. But in secondary school it's about making yourself look bigger by making other people look smaller.

    So no, popularity in school means little in the real world.
    I'd say you're right.

    @OP I dunno if you know who I am but I'm mostly a total mess these days with very few friends at all yet I was one of the most popular kids in school... There isn't much correlation.
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