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Does university matter for engineering as long as it's accredited? watch


    (Original post by Princepieman)
    True. But my friends in the downstream industry in Texas had no issues getting jobs at BP/Chevron upon graduating etc. Although, yes, with current oil prices it might be a bit of a hard sell to go into the industry. Especially as here in Aberdeen jobs are being cut right, left and centre.

    We'll have to see how it plays out.

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    You dont have to be a genius (a good start would be reading the news papers) to realise that the oil price will never rise to the same level that it used to be. With that, the lucrative nature of working within this industry will lessen over time. Cuts will come to the US soon enough. They'll then wish they started working in a bomb-proof industry like cyber security.

    Right, so to answer all people's questions regarding the internships.

    I did say before that regardless of where you go to university, if your course is accredited, you will get a job. HOWEVER, as some people have said before, some universities do have relations with particular universities, generally in the top half of the league tables. These companies will generally email particular engineering departments directly for advertised internships, even if the advertised internships are also online on their website or gradcracker. If they cannot find suitable candidates from those universities, then they will start considering the rest of the applicants who applied online.

    Attending events and lectures that are also attended by engineers (graduate, seniors, principals, directors etc.) and networking with them makes you noticed. This requires a different level of interest besides just applying online, which everybody can do. When you get your butt out of your flat and do things like these, engineers see you as actually interested.

    How I got my internship which lead to a graduate job? I went to the ICE Annual Dinner in my uni town, met an engineer from the company, we started chatting about random stuff, including about the company he was working for, how is his job etc. I told him about the topic of engineering I was interested in and the engineer told me that he could give the director of that department in his office my CV. As I didn't have a CV with me at that time, I gave him my business card (even as a student, having a business card that just has your name, course studying, email and phone number on it can do wonder is situations like this). The following week I received an email from the director asking if I am interested in an internship. Got invited for an interview, the director liked me, and so I skipped all the automated recruitment process as simple as this.

    When I say top 20, I would probably mean Russell Group unis, however, even top 50 universities are still amazing (this comes from someone who studied at near rank 100 university).

    People need to remember that when applying online, after passing the online test, your CV goes to the recruitment office first, and when they get hundreds or thousands of applications, they will not spend minutes on them to read all your achievements and how good you think you are for the job. They will spend maybe 30 seconds per application, and as talented and perfect for the job you might be, if you didn't showcase yourself in your application good enough, guess what: your CV will be thrown in the trash.

    Meeting engineers directly at events, lectures, meetings etc. and talking to them will make you known. They will remember your face, they will remember your enthusiasm. You have actually told them everything important about yourself. Combine that with a smile, some gestures and a business card (which is easy to slip in a wallet, rather than a 2 page CV), and they will definitely think about you when an internship with their company is about to be advertised.

    Directors prefer to hire people that are recommended, rather than just advertising a job online. And sometimes even if the job is advertised online because of company policies or whatever, they still prefer to hire recommended people. It's all about trust.

    All of these being said, I am NOT saying that applying online is a waste of time and that you have zero chances. You can also get an internship by applying online, and if you are not comfortable going out there and making yourself known, then by all means, apply online. But bear in mind that there are higher chances of getting rejected this way.

    Outside of these things, as said before, I would recommend working on your soft skills A LOT. I know that engineering is a difficult degree and you will be in university all week, but you need to do something to develop your soft skils aka team work, leadership, communication etc. How? Get involved with societies more than just being a member who takes advantage of the nights out; do some admin stuff for the society. Create your own society and make it successful. Get a part time job during the weekend, even if it's for a couple of hours. Do some volunteering. Do SOMETHING outside of university.

    One last thing is to remember that you might be the best person for a job, but if your personality does not fit with the team, or you appear as being "untrainable", then you will probably not get the job. Companies want people, not machines (at least for the next couple of decades haha). They want to a hire a good combination between talent and personality. They want people who can fit in their team easily.

    I hope that any of these will be of help. Good luck!
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