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    Hey so I was wondering whether or not there is a possibility of pregnancy in my situation or whether I am just overthinking

    I'm 18 years old, I've never had sex however I did engage in foreplay with my current boyfriend. He fingered me however I'm unsure as to whether he quickly adjusted himself before hand (we were both clothed). Therefore, I am worried as to whether he had Precum on his fingers before they went inside me (bearing in mind they may have been wiped due to the transfer having to go under my pants and down). If this is not enough, I did proceed to touch him and my hand was definitely wet but I was on his left side and so used my left hand. We then moved into another room which would obviously mean drying of the Precum as a possibility and once in there I did touch myself, however I think it was with my right hand as that is my natural hand but I cannot remember.

    He did not ejaculate at any point during this time however I think I was ovulating. It's been two weeks and my period is due tomorrow and idk I'm just worried that it won't arrive which would quite honestly be disastrous which I suppose is why I'm overthinking this.

    My periods are usually regular however my last one was three days early so I don't know whether that could mean that this one is a few days late in order to balance it? I'm not sure of these things. Usually I have a cycle of 28 days give or take a day or so on average.

    Any advice/ judgement of pregnancy chances would be very helpful to settle my mind if nothing else, thank you.
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    You're over-thinking it. Stress is notorious for delaying periods, but it will be along soon.

    Even if you don't intend to have sexual intercourse soon, is looking at some contraception options a good idea?
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    Thank you for your reassurance and yes you're definitely right it is a good idea- if nothing else it'd put my mind at ease
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