What exactly is meant by "main purpose to receive full-time education"

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On the UKCISA website, there are criteria to qualify for home fee status.One of the criteria is:

(d) the main purpose for your residence in the UK and Islands must not have been to receive full-time education during any part of that three-year period.

My dad came to the UK in 2006 and I came here by the end of 2013. During the period of residence in the UK I am dependent on him. If I take a gap year before I go to uni I can get an ILR which meets the first criteria of "settled in the UK", but I am very unsure about the criteria I listed above.

It is a problem because I have to take a gap year to get the ILR before the first day of the course, which I don't want to take, unless I can be categorised as a home student. But if after the gap year I still cannot be treated as home student because of the criteria I listed, it will be not good. So I do want to be sure about this.

Anybody can help me? Thanks.
Tiger Rag
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It means that you must have come over here for reasons other than education. For example, some people come over here to work, they may come over here to look after a sick relative, etc. Basically, your purpose of being in the UK can't be to have just have received education.

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